Windows won't start... weird case...

My computer was working fine yesterday, but I was having a problem with an external hard drive, so I tried removing my XP Service Pack 3 thinking it might fix my problem. Anyways, when I tried turning my computer on after that, it wouldn't start correctly.

It starts up like normal, then goes straight to the menu for safe mode, last known good configuration, and start windows normally. None work. I've tried F8, and all the options in there don't work. I even tried reverting my bios settings back to default.

If I try to start my computer in safe mode, it shows the list of the stuff about to be run, then freezes.

If I try starting it like normal, it starts, then goes to a black screen and freezes.

What can I do?
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  1. Try booting into safe mode with command prompt. Does it get to the command prompt?
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