Should I upgrade to 780G Motherboard?

Right now, I am running an AM2+ ECS MB with a GeForce 6100/nForce 430 chipset. I have a 6000+ CPU and an 8800GT Video Card.

I've been reading about the 780G and the price-point seems attractive for an upgrade. Will I see enough performance improvement to make it worth it? I use the computer for desktop and gaming - no video.
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  1. No, you won't see any improvement at all unless you overclock the cpu. The 780G or 690G have newer onboard graphics. You got a decent 8800GT. You won't be using onboard. Save the money for something else. If you want to spend, ask yourself what your primary objective is. i.e. more ram improves multitasking.
  2. Thanks for that. My only problem I am having right now is that this is an ECS MB and for some reason, they are impossible to overclock (I don;t know why ECS insists on making lame BIOS's).

    I know I can squeeze 3.3 Ghz out of this processor instead of just 3.0. I had an Asus board that allowed OC'ing, but the darn thing whistled at me all the time. I have had this same whistke sound with 3 diff Asus MB's, don;t know why.
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