Upgrade XP Pro SP2 for larger Hard drive

Bought 320 Gig HD WDC and installed properly, but it does not recognize the larger hard drive. Need to know what is to be done to upgrade the XP Pro SP2 with necessary driver to recognize the HD
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  1. Quote:
    Bought 320 Gig HD WDC and installed properly

    Just how sure are you that it was in fact installed properly?
    XP SP2 allows use of gigantic hard drives, however, your BIOS must be able to hand that large drive over to Windows.
    Is your system BIOS showing the correct size of your new drive? If you are unsure of how to determine this, state the make/model of your computer and someone will look up the capabilities of your machine and tell you more of what the problem may be.
  2. Followed direction to a T. Just changed to upgrade of bios and will try that now to see if there is a difference. I did not even get to identify the amount of the HD, but it never recognized the HD being ther. I had HD check for flaws and everything check good. Will try same HD in another computer that is coming next week. Thanks Ron
  3. Ronald Naumann said:
    Followed direction to a T.

    This is this is the single best method of doing things right, the first time. :)

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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