ATI HD3850 Pro AGP - 3DMark06 Scores

Hey Hey Humans! Greetings, I come in peace.

I decided to start a topic to put in the 3DMark06 Scores of all ATI HD3850 Pro's in AGP interface. I mean, only in AGP. No matter if it's from Sapphire, Club3D or what...

...If you want to put your scores in this topic, it's very very handy you list also your systemspecifications. So if you got lower scores than someone else, perhaps it may be done due some other hardware in your system. Maybe something is boiling while using the VGA on heavy load.

When someone has a question, suggestion or a problem, feel free to help eachother. Handy tips or maybe some good advice are also welcome.

First of all, I'll list here my scores and systemspecifications:

3DMark06 Scores: 11867


MOBO: Asrock Conroe865PE
Chipset: Intel 865PE
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6600 @ 2.71GHz
RAM: 2GB PC3200 Geil DualChannel 400MHz (2x512) - 2.5-4-4-8
VGA: Club3D ATI HD3850 Pro 512GDDR3 AGP8x @ 820/2100 MHz
Soundcards: Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music & Club3D Theatron Agrippa DTS 7.1

Installed drivers important for 3DMark06:

- Intel Chipset drivers (latest)
- ATI Catalyst 8.3 (HotFix edition)

nJoy this topic and keep it clean!

DavyJones :lol:
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  1. That is some serious AGP power you have there. :bounce:


    I'm getting my AGP 8X Sapphire HD3850 later on today. I can't wait to see how it does on 3DMark06.
    My ECS P4M800Pro M v. 2.0 doesn't OC as good as your board. I havn't been able to figure out the best RAM
    to OC with. It can go up to 300 FSB but I can only get to about 285 and maintain it steady.

    I have been running an AGP8x EVGA 7800 GS for a little over a year now and have managed to get some good usage out of it. It's in good condition so if anyone is intrested in buying it for say... $60 pm me and we'll do business.

    With my set up I was able to score 4331 benchmarks on 3DMark06.

    Over the weekend I upgraded PSU to Corsair TX650. It should be plenty of power for the AGP 8x HD3850.
    What kind of PSU do you run???

    I'll post a 3dMark06 benchmark soon. If I get over 10,000 I'll be very pleased with the upgrade. :)
  2. As promised by Newegg my new ATI Sapphire HD3850 AGP8x arrived today!!! :)

    I cleaned up my old NVIDIA GPU drivers data from my machine and did a fresh install with the new HD 3850. The entire instalation was done from the CD that came with the card.

    After instalation the first thing I did was run a 3dMark06 test and I am very pleased with the initial test. Considering I havn't installed any "hot fix" files or other patches and ran the test at the stock core speeds my new AGP8x HD3850 scored 9146 benchmarks!!!

    More than double what I was able to squeeze out of the AGP8x EVGA 7800 GS.

    So far Gears of War and Crysis are running too.
  3. Ran into a really good deal on an E8400 and ECS GF7050VT-M combo at Fry's and I decided to go PCI-Express with a HD4850. Got a great deal on it from Newegg. Not much more money than the AGP8X Sapphire HD3850.

    New 3dMark06 benchmark of 13,419:

    About $30 difference in cost of cards (minus the computer build up cost).

    The HD3850 is greatly limited in 3dMark06 performance by a limited choice of modern AGP8x Motherboards.

    I will say that the HD3850 was great for actual gaming performance and playing HD/BD video codec.

    The HD4850 is better of course. :)

    I'm sure I would have gotten at least a little over 10,000 benchamarks on 3dMark06 had I kept the AGP 8x Sapphire HD3850 card.

    My new goal is to score at least 15,000 benchmarks on 3dMark06 with my PowerColor HD4850 with my current hardware. Will not do the "pencil mod".

    I'm greatly limited in my goal because I want to do it with in micro ATX fashion. The ECS GF7050VT-M is doing a decent job so far. :)

    As soon as a decent PCI-Express 2.0 chipset is available in micro ATX fashion I will be all over it.

    It appears DFI may have a P45 micro ATX PCI-E 2.0 crossfire motherboard for Intel 775 support soon.

    That may be my next motherboard.
  4. Intel pentium dual-core e2220 @ 2.40ghz-2.81ghz
    Sapphire HD3850 agp 512mb ddr3 720/950
    1gb samsung + 512mb twinmos - 2.5-3-3-7 running 5:4
    Atx simplepower 500w
    MB asrock 775i65g

    3Dmarks 9175p

    bying the kingston hyperx ddr cl2 today and vill come back whit update on that
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