AsRock Motherboards Low performance on games?

I am here to ask to Tom's HW experts a delicated question:

it is possible that, low end motherboards, such as AsRock one's, limit the computer performance on games?

I am asking this because I just bought a new video card, and It does not perform so performs A LOT under how it should.

Here are my full system specs:

AMD Athlon X2 6000+

AsRock ALiveNF6G-VSTA (bios v2.20, lastest one)
4Gb ram Kingston 667Mhz
MSI GeForce 9800GTX 512Mb ram
Tagan I-Xeye II 600Watt
WinXP Pro 32bit
WinVista 64bit

I did tests on winxp with lastest drivers and a lot of older ones, same with windows vista, but I get bad performances.
An example is this screenshot:

I think my pc should perform a lot better than that.

Can someone help me?
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  1. Compared to Asus Mainboards with the same Chipset
    ASUS M2N-MX and M2V-MX etc... Series (not low coast)
    with ASRock (little bit cheaper) using same via chipset:
    My overall performance with different Graphic boards is by Asrock better. The tuning options in the bios is by asrock ami bioses more extended. I will not say low coast is less good, sometimes it can beat high price brand names.

    Did you check your bios setting for the graphic card?
  2. Yes, of course I've checked. Anyway the bios does not have graphic card specific options. It only allows to enable/disable the embedded vga. No options for the PCI-E one (apart from the boot priority for vga cards).

    What can I do ?
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