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SAS Seagte Cheetah's or SSD?

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May 22, 2009 6:03:17 PM

I'm building a new i7 system (Vista 64 OS upgrading to Windows 7 end of year) and am torn about which way to go as far as hard drives go. I do a lot of batch photo editing and muti-tasking so (real world) performance is the most important but so is cost and noise.

In my current system, I use two 7200 SATA drives: 85/150GB for OS and Programs; and 160/500GB for data. All my data is backed up offsite.

I was thinking of using a 128GB SSD for OS and programs and a 300GB SAS Seagate Cheetah 15K for data storage. But am open to multiple SSD, possibly RAID config, or other combo??

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October 18, 2009 3:43:20 AM


i am in the same situation.

so i did the research and i have so far learned...

SSD #1 but...
-expensive and can show poor performance when speaking of large writes.
SAS #2 but...
-Very loud (in comparison) not made for the "desktop" users
Velis #3 but...
-Not as good as above but biggest bang for buck.

Here's my situation....

My thought was initially to buy SSD for OS and Programs install, maybe veli for games/video editing/scratch drive.

Seemed like a good idea but i read that overall SSD may or may not be best, and with how expensive that is...

So to those who have multiple PCs in thier house, you know HTPC with storage, netbook for this and that and a gaming/workstation... what is best?

should i just save and raid a couple SAS and call it a day? or SSD OS drive with SAS storage or stripe raid SAS or...

spent like 2 weeks reading about CPU, GPU, Case, PSU, and now i find Storage to be a large issue. HELP.

i know this could be a loaded question, but in the end im not looking to get a 4 second bootup time, im looking for realistic practicle advice.

thanks in advace.