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I was just wondering what would be a good replacement mobo, ram and cpu to replace my aging computer.
I currently have a DFI Lan Party board a gig of hyper x ram and an athlon 64 3700+. I just bought a 8800GT but it seems as though its being held back by the cpu. Ive heard that the Q6600 is a good option and alot of people are suggesting that a P35 mobo was good if you don't plan on going sli. I myself would like to use an XFX board but i don't need 3 way sli. Also Overclocking isn't really something i need. Any suggestions on a mobo and cpu and maybe even some ram to go with it. Thanks for your help
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  1. Well, on the gaming side of it, a dual core is better. But quads are nice to. You will get more performance for the dollar from a dual core though. And the people are right, if you dont plan on going SLI then a p35 board is good. Whats your budget?
    Also, overclocking isnt nessary but you get a nice performace boost for free, especially from the 45 nm cpus.
  2. The ASUS P5k is a great motherboard with a lot of functionality you wouldn't expect for a motherboard costing $125. It's got a P35 chipset.

    For CPU I'd either go for the Q6600 or the Q9300 depending on your needs. A lot of people have misconceptions about quad core processors vs. dual core. I've used lots of both, and I can tell you that getting the quad core is well worth it, especially for future support. Forget about Nehalem. These are the same idiots back in the P4 days who said "skip dual core, nothing will support it since quad core's coming soon after that."

    PS - if it's available to you, look on newegg for ram. There are a bunch of very low priced RAM kits out there. Look for some DDR2 800 2x2 or 2x1 kits out there. The 4gb will end up costing about $80 and the 2gb will cost about half of that. The 4gb's the best option, though, even if your 32-bit OS will only see 3.5gb.
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