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I've never built my own computer before, and thought that I'd give it a whirl. Then I started browsing around and soon became overwhelmed at all the different options I had to choose from. I mean good grief. I'll mostly be using this machine to play world of war craft and to internet. Anywho, this is the list of components I've come up with and wanted to see what you lot thought about it!

Case - Cooler Master Centurion
Mother Board - Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
Video Card - GeForce 8800GT
Power Supply - Antec
CPU - E2180
RAM - 2x
Hard Drive
OS - Xp Professional
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  1. This build looks pretty good. the only think I would consider changing is the ram. You are going 4gb, which is good. But, 4x1 means that you wont have any upgradeability later. I would recomend this,
    Its just as fast, cheaper, and has better upgradability.
    Do you play on OCing that e2180? You can easily get it up to 3.00 ghz with the motherboard you choose. You can get it past that if you wanted to.
  2. The case you chose is cheaper at newegg's sister site,

    Unless you're planning to use eVGA's step up program, I would go with one of these options (with their respective links):
    1) Get the MSI version of the 8800GT for $30 less
    2) Upgrade to a MSI 8800TS for the same price
    3) Upgrade to a BFG Tech 8800GTS for $20 more

    The PSU you picked is okay. However, you can get a better quality Corsair 550VX for cheaper at

    The E2180 is ~$20 cheaper at
    (The DS3L is also cheaper there, but only by pennies after shipping is included :p)

    Agree with suicide about getting 2x2GB ram for future upgradability. However, two sets of the memory you picked is your cheapest option for 4GB at the moment. Use your own discretion.

    This DVD±RW w/ Lightscribe is cheaper and has free shipping:
    All the burners are pretty similar at this price point though. Don't know if you're loyal to Asus or something... just letting you know there's cheaper ones out there.
  3. Agree with oushi. MSI 8800GTS for same price is very attractive. But since you mentioned u just play WOW, might as well get the cheaper option.. the MSI 8800GT.
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