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So I just installed my second hard drive, a WD 1TB drive, to go along with my current 74gig raptor drive. It is recognized by the device manager but it will not show up under My Computer. This may be a noobish question but I really appreciate some help!! Thanks in advance.
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  1. The drive is probably not initialized.
    Go to Control panel - Admin tools - computer management - Disk Management

    Initialize, partition and format.

    Then enjoy your new HDD.
  2. how do i do that?
  3. Pretty much as I stated, For vista (very simular for XP:
    Open Control Panel
    Click on administration Tools
    Click on Computer management
    Under storage, Click on disk magement.

    Your drive should show up as NOT initialized and NO drive letter assigned (reason you do not see under My Computer.

    Try double clicking on the drive or Right click on the drive and that will bring up a list of what you can do.
  4. oh ok thanks, one more thing if you could. how do i move files such as itunes with all my music from my old hd to my new one? thx a load
  5. Not sure, as I don't work with itunes. My wife does, but she's in LA and on Monday Vagas for Blackjack tournament. Sure some one can help.
  6. You should take care when moving iTunes. This link provide a clear step by step proccess. Ensure you back up your iTune before.

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