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So this may seem like a silly question, but I'm new and learning...thus leaning on y'all for help.

Is it possible for me to install Windows 8 by mounting the ISO with Daemon Tools in Windows 7. Run the Setup file and assign it to a second hard drive in my PC? I know I should burn to a disc etc...but we have a snow storm right now and I'm not really up to running to the store as I'm out of DVD-Rs. :??:
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    No that will not work as Windows will need to reboot at some point to continue the setup but it goes right into the setup and bypasses the Windows boot which would have to happen to remount the virtual drive so you would be stuck with a half loaded OS...


    PS You can load it of a USB drive though if you have a 4 gig laying around :) good luck
  2. You can use Oracle VirtualBox to run it in a virtual system, it can install from the .iso file there.
  3. Yeah...ran it in Virtual Box...but I think I want to actually run it on straight hardware...have an ol harddrive Im gonna donate. Thanks though
  4. Installed on second hard drive with DVD...thanks
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