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How to fix a computer that say input not support

I don't know what happen that it says input not support .My daughter said it was on the moniter when she used it. I'm not good with computers so bear with me Thanks Mae
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  1. Based on the limited info you have given, it sounds like the resolution for your computer graphics are not compatible with your display. Can you give more info on your computer?
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    First thing to check is if the monitor cable has been disturbed; next try powering-down (everything) and leave it for a few minutes, power back-up and see if it fixes itself, if not Power-down, wait a few seconds, Power-up then press Shift & F8 as soon as Windows starts loading (you have to be quick, so might need several attempts), that should get you to the recovery Screen, then Try TroubleShoot and Automatic Repair.

    If that fails post back with some form of machine spec.
  3. reboot
    press f8 untill you get boot options
    choose enable low resolution mode.
    when at a desk top reset the resolution. then reboot to save settings.
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