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I have 3 computers (Main, Wife, Fam Room) networked through one Linksys router. All are WinXP pro. After setting up a home network I can get them to see each other and it works well.

After a few days of not using the network, it stops working. I have gone through this process many times with the same result.

I think I have isolated the problem to the main computer but have no idea what to look for.

When it stops working it's the main that can't see or be seen on the network. The others still see each other.
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  1. Thanks for the reply JustAGuy51 but your reply/answer doesn't apply to my problem.
  2. My bad for replying a bit quick.

    Can you try to ping the main PC from the other two? If ping works, then

    1) might be MS Network problem. Here is MS link:
    This second link seems to be better:

    2) something is blocking the other 2 from seeing the main. A firewall or some sort of software you recently installed? Did you do anything unusual around the time it stops working?
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