AU8830A2 on Windows Vista?

Hey there,

i got a problem with my Aureal Vortex 2.0 Soundcard (AU8830A2).
im running windows vista x64 home premium edition but i cannot
find any working drivers for my card (all i find are somehow outdated).

any ideas besides waiting?
thanks for replies
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  1. Just had a quick peruse for your sound card. It seems like it came out in the windows 98 era (year 2000). So unfortunately the company probably doesn't update them anymore...

    However, i did find:

    Try those if you haven't already. Do you get sound coming out of your card without the drivers?
  2. no sound so far :(
    i tried downloading lots of patches but i keep getting errors
    is there a way to modify .inf files to work with vista x64?
  3. I don't know too much about moding your .inf files. Maybe , try right clicking on the installer, properties, compatibility tab, tick 'run this program in compatibility mode for' then select 'Windows 98' from the drop down menu.

    If that doesn't work after that then it maybe time to curse Vista and think about a new sound card - or use onboard sound?

    Is this a new build or have you just installed Vista onto a current PC?
  4. if your PC in newer than your s/Card then just run your Onboard sound as that will be better anyway.

    if you need good sound then get like a X-fi Xtreme Music or something.
  5. the problem is, that this soundcard is one of the last, that supports a3d 2.0
    and i doubt that the X-fi Xtreme has that feature. thats why i want to use my one :(
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