Random Lock-ups with new processor (please help quickly)

So I finally got the X2 3600+ and installed it in my older Socket 939 computer. Everything loaded great, Windows was reactivated, and I thought I was good. 3DMark06 ran at the level it should have, and games seemed faster.

But...I get random lockups. The system will suddenly freeze, the mouse unable to move, Ctl+Alt+Del doing nothing, requiring a reset. It happens most frequently with HDD scanning programs (AV scan, Ad-ware scans, defragmenters, disk cleanup)--every time. While I originally thought this infrequent lockups browsing the internet (such as the first time I went to write this message), and playing games occurred as well. Obviously, this is annoying, and I would like it fixed. If anyone could help me, or recommend something to download, I would be most thankful.

System specs:

ASRock 939Dual-Sata
AMD Athlon X2 3600+ (changed from an Athlon 64 3200+)
2 GB Corsair ValueSelect
Evga 7600GT CO
Seasonic S12 380
Western Digital Caviar 80GB
DVD drive
Floppy drive

This is not heat-related, since I have runCoretemp and check its reading with the BIOS to ensure accuracy. I get 21-25 C idle, and 40C max when playing Oblivion.

It is using the standard heatsink with Arctic Cooling MX-2.
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  1. Since you upgraded from an older system did you make sure your mobo can support the new CPU? Try to see if there's a newer version of BIOS than the one you currently have.
  2. I am pretty certain it can.

    However, how would I check the BIOS version I have currently?
  3. During POST, or run CPU-Z and check the mainboard tab.

    Download Ultimate Boot CD and run memtest86. You will need to burn the ISO to CD with ISO Recorder v 2, or other ISO burning software.
  4. What Zorg said or you can just enter BIOS at boot up, should say the version somewhere in the main screen.
  5. The BIOS version is P1.50, which I would assume is the same thing as 1.50
    here. Considering the release date of the 1.50 and the date CPU-Z gives me are 2 days apart, I am near certain that is the version. However, if you do look at the BIOS updates past 1.50, you will see that they do nothing to improve a Socket 939 dual core processor. All of them either fix something related to AGP, or add support for AM2 with their "add-in" processor board. Could someone look through the BIOS upgrade list that I linked, and tell me if I am right in thinking the BIOS is not a problem?

    Memtest results will come later.
  6. Memtest ran through 5 times without error.

    Is there a hard drive diagnostic utility?
  7. Interestingly enough, it now will make it through Spybot scans, disk defragmentation, and Ad-Aware. Anything related to AVG still results in the lock up, though.
  8. sorry, but i didn't see anywhere in your posts that you reformatted. try that. you should reformat every time you make a drastic change (e.g. number of cores in the system..)
  9. Did you install the AMD Dual Core Optimizer? Not sure if it'll help, but it's worth a try.
  10. Would reinstalling Windows without reformatting help?

    And yes, I did install the dual-core optimizer.
  11. Saving all your needed data and doing a clean install is the next step.
  12. Uninstalling the Dual Core optimizer, installing a Windows hotfix which accomplishes the same thing, and disabling Cool and Quiet has fixed the problem.
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