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Hi. I am getting an E8500 and would like to know what the best motherboard would be for this CPU. I will be using 8gb (4x2gb) DDR 1066, and either a 4870 or a gtx 260 gpu, a sumbeam core contact freezer, and I will want to overclock the e8500 as much as possible (with it being stable). Please let me know which motherboards are best for each gpu. Thanks :)
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  1. For best OC and GPU performance = X48. P45 would also be fine, but does not have PCIE 2.0 2 x 16 like the X48. If you are not using Crossfire, a P35would even be a good chipset for OCing.
  2. what if I used the gtx 260, and eventually want SLI?
  3. Then you have to buy a Nvidia chipset which will not overclock and have the stability of an Intel chipset. If it were my choice for dual graphics cards, I would choose two Radeon 4850s and Crossfire them on an X48/P45.
  4. Have you used an nvidia 680i, 750, 780 or 790i chipset in the past? What Intel chipsets have you used?
  5. Ok.... I was looking at a few of the P45 boards (because they are cheaper) ... how would the ASUS P5Q-E overclock, will it do it as well as an X48 mobo (X48 uses DDR3 doesn't it)? The P5Q-E has 2x 2.0 PCI-e x16 ....
  6. badge said:
    Have you used an nvidia 680i, 750, 780 or 790i chipset in the past? What Intel chipsets have you used?

    The last motherboard I used to overclock my old Dual Core was the ABIT AL8. Thanks :)
  7. ASUS P5Q-E has 1 PCIE 2.0 16x slot. Does Crossfire 8 x 8 which is fine with 2 x 4850. Will OC great compared to a nvidia chipset.

    DDR2 X48, dual PCIE 2.0 16x will do 16 x 16 Crossfirex. Beyond dual Radeon 4850's in this Crossfire config is overkill presently. Unless you are playing games at some ultra high resolution this setup is great.
  8. The X48/P45 or even P35 will OC significantly better than and old AMD socket 939 NF4.
  9. Ok, but X48 has a DDR3 memory standard, won't that mean that I can't use my DDR2??
  10. X48 can be DDR2 (the X48 board I posted is DDR2) or DDR3 is available also.
  11. Sorry I just noticed that :P but then again this mobo is a lot more expensive than the P45 ones :S can u recommend a similar less expensive one (if I'm going to spend $150 more, wouldn't it be better to put it into a better CPU or GPU?) Thanks.
  12. Well, X48's are still at a premium. X48 is the top of the line. The ASUS P45 you listed is fine. P45 has dropped to below the $100 price mark in some instances since last week.
  13. Is it worth spending the extra money to get an X48 or is it better to put it towards a better video card or cpu (4870 or 4870x2?)
  14. With an X38 and a single Radeon 3870, my 3D Mark 06 was 10,700. I added a second 3870 in Crossfirex and my score went to 15,700. So, Crossfire will give a significant performance boost from a sngle card in the right situation. An e8500 OC'd to 3.5+ with Crossfired 4850's is really going to be a great system. The 4870 has DDR5 RAM and a 1GB model is available. This would work great for my 40" Samsung 1080i. If you choose a single card, the 4870x2 would also be a good canditate to be pushed right along with your OC'd e8500. Like I said An x48 or P45 with two 4850's in Crossfirex is an affordable solution to a high end system. OCing an e8500 in conjunction with that setup should provide a seriously fast, stable gaming system. Of course the e8600 at 4.5Ghz. on air would score higher 8).
  15. Ok so I'm considerign getting an X48 mobo... u suggested the asus rampage, but whats better in that one than the asus p5e deluxe, for about 75$ less?
  16. THe P5E Deluxe X48 has only one ethernet connector, that's it. 8). I believe the Ramapge Formula uses the ROG (Republic of gamers) BIOS which has some very nice overclocking features. Not sure if the P5E Deluxe uses ROG BIOS, it probably does, but not sure about that. The P5E Deluxe should be great! Same board as the Rampage without...well the name!
  17. From what I read on google, I can flash the bios on the p5e deluxe to be the rampage bios. if so, would you say i should save the extra money and go with the p5e deluxe (will both motherboards have the same overclocking features if the bios are the same?) Thanks again
  18. Yeah, should be the same OCing with the ASUS X48. I have the ASUS Maximus Formula Special Edition X38. When I go to the ASUS product page, there is nothing listed there, no BIOS nothing! I have to go to a common ASUS X38 site, not the Special Edition site. So, the only difference between the two ASUS x48 boards are one ethernet port and the chipset heatsinks. The ethernet is on the southbridge, so that would not effect performance. The cheaper board is a great solution. Not much more than the P45. And you get the higher binned x48 chipset with PCIE 2.0 16 x 2. That's as good as it gets for the C2D/C2Q using DDR2.
  19. ASUS revamped or enhanced their American Megatrends BIOS with a lot of great OCing features beginning with the X38. It's called the ROG for now. It's really pretty impressive. I love my system. It's amazing.
  20. ok perfect! do u know how high the e8500 should overclock with that setup (p5e deluxe)??
  21. E8500 will OC to 3.5-3.6GHz or better on air. Just bump up the FSB, and adjust the memory voltage, speed and timings to specs. You may have to increase the Nb voltage to 1.4v. I have the e8400 too. If you want to go much higher than 3.6Ghz. or so, you would need better cooling. The e8600 will OC to near 4.5GHz. on air! Higher binned, latest stepping.
  22. But I read in some forums people overclocking the e8500 to 4.2ghz on air... i will be using a sunbeam core contact freezer, 3 180mm fans and 1 120mm fan....
  23. You should get a really nice overclock with that ASUS x48. Enough to push dual video cards in Crossfirex right along. Should score high on the synthetic benches.
  24. You would have to push a lot of volts at the e8500 and MB to get to 4.2GHz. Somehwre up there, you would need watercooling to be stable.
  25. ok, so the e8600 will overclock to 4.5ghz with my setup??
  26. I don't have the e8600, but it is the king of dual core procesors to date. You would have to set the voltage at or near 1.5v and have an aftermarket HSF, but yeah it is going to sustain a 1000MHz. overclock or better on air. I can't post the lin where it's done...
  27. What about the E8500 E0 stepping... how does it compare to the E8600 (are all E8600 E0 stepping?)
  28. e8600, 1.4v on air.

  29. a_zidane said:
    What about the E8500 E0 stepping... how does it compare to the E8600 (are all E8600 E0 stepping?)

    All e8600 are EO stepping. I have read all e8500 are too, but I am not sure about that. The EO stepping improved the OCing abiity quite a lot on the 45nm DCs.
  30. 1.5v. On air.

  31. up to what voltage is it safe?? and how can u tell if its stable or not?
  32. Well, 1.5v if you listen to Intel. The e8600 is an exceptional Oc'er. This article takes it to 4.9GHz. You would have to take your chip up in small increments and run some benchmarks and monitor the heat, etc. Haha. If I had one and had it running stable at 4.5Ghz. and no worry about heat under 1.5v, I would be happy! Amazing this unit runs completely stable at 4.7Ghz. on air at 1.5v. That's a pretty neat deal.
  33. Hi... would you say that a Core 2 Extreme X6800 is better than an E8600? Thanks.
  34. The e8600 works pretty well in these tests with the X48. x6800 will not OC as well. The extreme units have an unlocked multiplier which can work out really well. The e8600 has the later 45nm arcitecture, which run cooler and achieve higher OC's. In the article I linked, the e8600 is 'benched' at 4 GHz. Haha.,2095.html
  35. That article doesn't list the cooling? Tom's uses a Zalman 9700 often. 4GHz. is possible with the stock cooler and a movemrnt upard of the FSB. I think the X6800 would be putting out some serious heat at 4Ghz.
  36. From Page 2 of that article. This is why I want to purchase the e8600. It's great to see Tom's use the e8600 instead of the e8500 for a test like this. Use the best out there and it gets attention.

    While many of our test games show enormous performance gains from higher clock speed, none have shown significant improvements in the transition from two to four cores. Thus, we used a dual-core processor that usually overclocks beyond 4 GHz on air cooling. Intel’s Core 2 Duo E8600 is probably the best gaming processor owners of LGA775 motherboards can hope for their motherboards to support because it starts out as Intel’s highest-frequency model and is easily pushed beyond the speeds other processors can reliably run.
  37. You said 4GHz is possible with a stock cooler... what about with an aftermarket one, like the sunbeam core contact freezer, which I will most likely be using?
  38. I sent you a private message last week related to the possibilities of the e8600. Check you PMs. 4.5Ghz. with a little time and patience should be doable with the x48 and some high grade RAM. And a little voltage.
  39. badge said:
    Well, 1.5v if you listen to Intel. The e8600 is an exceptional Oc'er. This article takes it to 4.9GHz. You would have to take your chip up in small increments and run some benchmarks and monitor the heat, etc. Haha. If I had one and had it running stable at 4.5Ghz. and no worry about heat under 1.5v, I would be happy! Amazing this unit runs completely stable at 4.7Ghz. on air at 1.5v. That's a pretty neat deal.

    1.5V is a bit high for 45nm. Intel actually rates them to 1.3625V. Of course, you can go a bit past that, but 1.5 is really up there for long term use on a 45nm.
  40. So it will do 3.8 GHz on .85V.
  41. according to this site, it is the best cooler for intel chips
  42. The e8600 in the CPUZ links I posted was running stable at 4.9GHz., but not for an extended period I don't believe. It was for like 1/60th of a month. 8)
  43. Yeah, Frosty tech is a good reference.
  44. so would you say 4.5ghz would be a realistic overclock on air (stable)?
  45. also, if I can get a Q9450 for the same price as an E8600, is it worth getting the quad? Thanks.
  46. I think the 9550 is the best buy right now. The quad is great for multitasking. I prefer the quad, that's why I don't jump at the e8600. I have the e8400, my wife uses it. My son games and uses the Q6600 right now. I would like to build the e8600 and eventually give it to him. Like the article this morning said, the e8600 is as a good a processor as you can hope for for gaming. But, if you are like me, the quad fits perfectly. The quad hardly works up a sweat when ask to work as a multitask solution. The e8400 does well, but no like four cores will.
  47. But if I can get the q9450 from my friend for the same price that I can buy an E8600, which do you think is better? Will the Q9450 perform as well as the E8600 in gaming, or only in multitasking?
  48. Have you used the CPU charts on Tom's home page to do some benchmark comparison? I am not a gamer. I do not play any games. My son plays games. My son Plays, Warcraft 3, WOW, Counterstrike, Battlefield 2, Final Fantasy, Day of Defeat, etc. So, he's pretty happy with the systems I build. A few years ago I built his friend a system. The guy is really good and scores high in tourmnaments. I've bulit a lot of other 'budget' gaming systems for his friends over the years. Usually with my old parts. I've also built the machines for our business, so anyway. I don't know your level at gaming. I have my Q9450 with a mild OC (2.8GHz), ASUS x38, crossfired 3870's, and 8 GBs of RAM (4 gigs would benchmark better) on Vista 64. Before I Xfired the 3870's I would get 10,700 on 3Dmark06. Synthetic benchmarks are what they are. With xfired 3870's I get 15,700 score. So if you bumped the 9450's data transfer rates to 3-3.2GHz on am X48 with xfired 4850's, I'm sure it would be a sweet deal. Is it fast enough to be a b*****n' gaming rig? Would a tweaked out Quad keep up with the 8600? Does a hobby horse have a wooden ****? :sol:,817.html?prod%5B2182%5D=on&prod%5B2183%5D=on

    I can melt this bad azz game down with my rig. I'm in the top 2-3% scores all time. : :o

    You would want to OC the 9450 to somewhere around 3 GHz. and it would score high when it mattered. The video card solution you choose is more important. But of course, you need a CPU to provide as fast of a tranfer rate as possible to the high powered cards. How about the Q9770? The X48 is perfect for that little jewel. The price dropped $50 since September 9th. I have it on my 'watch' list. :ouch:
  49. Hahaha yea other than the fact that its 1400$ :P My entire PC will cost less than that, with Xfire 4870 :) hahah i'll probably stick with the E8600 and the Asus Rampage Mobo ... hopefully it'll be a worthy competitor in the competition of crysis benchmarks :D
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