How to properly erase a DVD-RW?

I had this DVD RW and had my Windows 7 Beta ISO burnt onto it months ago. All was well. I wanted to use it for something else and used Quick-Erase in Nero 7. It finished and ejected. Then when I popped it in again, the computer hangs, nothing happens, no Task Manager, totally frozen. Nothing I can do. Also tried it in two other computers. So, I bought new DVD-RWs. I don't want the same thing to happen to them, so what is the proper procedure to write and erase? Its a 1x-2x version that I have now and its a Sony.
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  1. Try using ImgBurn. It's the best free CD/DVD authoring tool I've used so far.
  2. I had some DVD+RW disks that were formated and written on a CyberHome Recorder. Then I could not erase them on the PC using Nero 9, in fact it would actually hang Nero 9. Nero 9 would not restart correctly until I rebooted the PC. Then I used ImgBurn to write a Video file to the DVD. ImgBurn then formated the DVD and wrote the files. Then using Nero 9, the erase worked fine, both the quick and full erases.
  3. You cannot erase DVD+RW discs, you can only overwrite them.
    A programs which claims to erase DVD+RWs simply clears the file structure.

    DVD-RWs are different. They have to be erased before they can be used again.
  4. You can format it and reuse.
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