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My big brother brought me a 3.5" desktop hard drive from Iraq that he dropped from the top of a bunk bed, and I think it may have locked up. I put it in my external case and it sounds like its clicking, like a cellphone. Is there any way to fix this or atleast get the memory from it?
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  1. i have a similar problem, someone tripped over my externals power cord, and made it fall from the desk it was on, now it is locked up too... only thing i can tell u to try is first try the old freezer trick. put your hard drive into a ziplock bag, and suck out as much air as you can, this is to prevent condensation, which you will probably have some form anyways, but you don't want a lot of it or it could damage the hard drive circuit when you plug it in. Then seal it and stick it in the freezer for 24 hours. This lets the metal inside contract. When you take it out immediately hook it up so it wont have a chance to expand again, from the results I've seen online, 24 hours=20 min of it working before it stops working again. This didn't work for me but mines external and i don't want to void the warranty by opening the case.. second u can give it to a data recovery place, but they charge up to the 1000$, so i don't think that's an option... sorry i cant be of much more help, at the moment I'm working on a plan of my own... but it isn't for internal drives only for external... btw whatever u do DO NOT OPEN THE HARD DRIVE UP! it will screw up any data left on it. They aren't meant to be opened except in a whitelab environment or particles of dust get on the disks.

  2. I have a locked up hard drive as well. WD 100gb IDE.

    I tried the freezer trick, but only left it in for 3 hours. Of course it didn't not work.

    Should I try leaving it in for 24 hours?

    I'd really like to get the data off this drive, but I can't afford to spend thousands on a special recovery service.
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