i think it's dead

how do i tell if my CPU is dead?
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  1. It's not dead because you can use the Internet.
  2. That can be tricky. It's pretty rare for CPUs to die but from the ones that did in my case they all failed to produce any BIOS beeps. The best way to check is to remove the suspected dead CPU and put into a known working motherboard. If it doesn't POST then it's probably dead.
  3. i think my cpu dying because on 3DMARK06 the graphics tests are good but when it does the cpu it's real chopy like two seconds between frames also on nascar 2003 season whhen you get in a big pack of cars it slows agit not alot though now on call of duty 4 it's ok but when thair's a bunch off stuff going on at the same time it slows real bad.
  4. The cpu is fine
  5. does it sound like a MB?
  6. oops double post, no its not the mb either. It sounds like your hardware just isnt fast enuff to perform in the games at the speed you want.
  7. motherboard
  8. I have an e2160 ocd to 3ghz and it does the same thing DON"t WORRY
  9. All but quad core CPU's do 0 to 1 frames per second in 3DMark's CPU test. That's because CPU's are lousy at rendering graphics, but some of the quad cores can get 2 or 3 frames per second. I think the CPU tests in Vantage are a bit more reliable (but that requires Vista and it's no longer a free benchmark).

    You didn't mention your graphics card. I bet that's the problem. Turn down the resolution on your game and you'll get better framerates.
  10. i think your right someguy7 i did a cpu test and it's at 100% performance i goes it;s just not power full enough for my system anymore
  11. The only way to tell:

    1.) To have another CPU that can be used in the socket.
    2.) PC speaker beeping codes for bios, if video card doesn't show POST on the monitor.
    3.) Have some kind of PCI Post DIAGNOSTIC Test Card that displays codes to trouble shoot.
    4.) or if your MB has some other way to diplay error codes.

    For example, my MSI has what's called a d-bracket. It fits in a slot, hooks up to a header on the MB and displays 4 led lights (red/green) to indicate any potential problems (CPU/RAM/ect), rather then just system bios beeps from a speaker.
  12. Every time I'm browsing the forum and see this subject I somehow read:

    "i think it's dead, Jim"
  13. keithlm said:
    Every time I'm browsing the forum and see this subject I somehow read:

    "i think it's dead, Jim"

    I thought of that too. I almost said, 'if you were as old as me, you'd say...' it's dead Jim'.

    "Bones, Bones, the Enterprise's computer won't boot."

    "Darn it Jim, I'm a country doctor, not a PC tech."

    "Spock, Spock, you can build a TV that can see through time out of spare 1930's radio parts, can you fix it?"

    "The odds are astronomically bad Captain, Starfleet PC's are unreliable ever since Scotty upgraded us to Windows 7000."
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