E5200 @ 4GHz

is 4 GHz ok from a E5200 on a Asus P5K?
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  1. If you have the cooling and the guts to go above 1.5v go for it!
  2. My e5200 requires 1.36v to reach 3.2, on a p5b-plus. I've heard others do much better, but either way you will need well over 1.4v to reach that speed, and that's something some of us will not recommend.
  3. 4.02 GHz at 1.385V
  4. 4.02 GHz at 1.385V
  5. ^ Prime 95 stable? Temps?
  6. mines stable at 3.5GHz 1.3675 vcore... 333FSBx10.5

    even pumping about 1.4v into it it isnt stable at 3.6GHz which leads me to the conclusion that the CPU doesn't like a high multi and doesnt like a high FSB. :lol: guess thats the end of it for me..
  7. yes prime 95 stable and 62 under load
  8. lucky u...
  9. P95 for how long?
  10. well it was for 18 hours stable, this was done a little while ago now
  11. ^ Nice. Lucky you...
  12. got it to 4.14 GHz stable in windows nad game but not P95
  13. omg u lucky @#^$^@%#^!$!#!#$^!&$#!^&. mine was stable at 300mhz fsb and not one bit higher... even with 6x multi. RAM was fine, mobo was fine, just the CPU not having enough balls to take the bandwidth. :(
  14. yeah its not prime stable though :(
  15. @OP: What's your VID?
  16. 1.200
  17. Hi, I know Im dusting off an old thread, but Im running e5200 on asus p5k at 4,69GHz (voltage unchanged - set to auto)

    Is it normal? Is it safe?

    I'd like to add that Im totaln noob in OC :)
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