Is my shipping scaring away customers?

I started buying parts computers not too long ago, which i build up then sell on my website through Paypal. I have been listing on Craigslist currently, and i do get some interested emails about some of them, but it seems that as soon as i mention shipping, i don't hear from them again. I have to charge about $53 for shipping a computer, mainly due to its weight and overall shipping weight can go up to 35 pounds. I don't have a storefront, and most people live too far away to meet up somewhere, so what can i do to sell these? Is $53 too much for shipping? What are your opinions? Thanks

Here's my website if you want to take a look:
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  1. If you are talking about your dell optiplexes, then yes. 50 dollars is one fifth of the price, and if someone is buying a cheap PC like that, they don't want to pay too much. (in my opinion) Though i do understand that shipping does get expensive when shipping something so heavy. You will have to find a way to lower that... Good luck!
  2. Yea i wish i could lower the price. Like i look on ebay and i see sellers saying free shipping for a huge computer, i don't know how they do it. Maybe it's because they have real business accounts where they ship so much a month, who knows. But unless i have a store, this is going to be hard selling.
  3. Maybe you could offer pick up? Though i doubt people would drive to far.
  4. Blue_Toaster said:
    Maybe you could offer pick up? Though i doubt people would drive to far.

    I did used to offer pickup, but 1, i don't want people to come to my house who I didn't know but I was open to a meeting place. 2, most people who have contacted me about them have been pretty far away and most scammers unfortunately.
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