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My fiancé's computer now comes up with limited or no connectivity to any wireless router it connects to. It will "connect" to my home router wirelessly even if an incorrect password is used to connect to it; i also tried to connect it to a neighbor's wireless router that doesn't have a password with the same result. I had to replace her lcd screen a few days ago in which I had to disconnect and reconnect her wireless cable during the replacement. She hadn't been able to use the laptop for a few weeks because she just moved so I can't say if the problem began after I had to do that or not. I opened it back up to make sure the cable is connected securely and it is. Trying to repair the connection ends with Windows saying that it could not renew the IP address. I've never had the problem with the laptop until now, so any ideas? :hello:
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  1. Try this (assuming XP but Vista is similar):

    Go to Connect to (or Control Panel, Network Connections)

    Choose the wireless connection, Properties, select and click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and see that Obtain an IP address automatically and that Obtain DNS server address automatically are checked.

    Click OK.
  2. Yeah it is XP, and they were both already selected. Any info that I can give to help narrow down solutions?
  3. try restarting the wireless zero configuration (WZC)... see if it will work.. you can open the WZC by entering services.msc on "run" for xp users..
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