E8500 3.8ghz at 1.2v

I have just started working on overclocking my cpu, i have been reading for about a month now and finally did my first overclock. I used some settings from some other peoples overclocks. In the pic you can see where most of my stuff is set at. I ran prime for 6 hours and had no errors and temps only hit a high of 47c on each core. But the real reason im posting is because i have my vcore set at 1.2 and it just seems really low. Just wanted some feedback on what you guys thought. Maybe i should try to push the overclock since i have alot of room to up my volts.

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  1. mmm... thats quite a piece of silicon you got there i bet it can go a a few 100 MHz more, seriously that may be one of those great batches of cpus you get once in a while like my old opty 185 :na: ahh the memories, try to Overclock ith a bit more your temps and volts are fine.
  2. Agreed, see if you can push 4ghz stable with 1.2-1.225v

    If you can, you'll likely have the best hz/volt on your block ;)
  3. thanks for the replies guys i guess i got lucky with my chip :) Im going to run prime overnight and while at work tomorrow to get a long test run. Then i may try to push it up to 4ghz and see how it sits.
  4. You should be able to get to 4.1+ Ghz, 1.28 to 1.3v, 1066 memory set correctly, 433Mhz FSB...
  5. Im using ocz si ready 800mhz memory so i dont know how it will do overclocking much more. With my fsb at 1600mhz and link and sync on it sets my memory at 800mhz, thats where i got 3.8. ill try to setmy fsb higher and make sure to run memtest hopfully it will be stable. Any advice would be great as this is my first overclock.
  6. Yay! 15 hours no errors max temp at 57c at 3.8. I up'ed my fsb to 421 and kept vcore at 1.2 and windows booted fine 4.0mhz. I just started prime95 and will give it an 8 hour run and post back with results. Oh memory is clocked at 842mhz 5-4-4-15 2.0v stock settings, not sure what more i can do with the memory maybe 4-4-4-10 or something any ideas are helpful.

    Edit: should i try setting up my memory with link and sync off or is it best to just leave that on? Im using a 1:1 ratio. Oh i haven't stated this yet im using the 780i FTW mobo if that gives anyone some ideas of what i can do.
  7. a little over 2 hours on prime95 and no errors,realtemp says temps are around 47c on each core and HWmonitor says 50c on each core and the cpu is at 58c seems to be going good so far.

    4.0ghz 1.200vcore
  8. well keep going! those 45nm's are factory able to push 1.3625v without any damage. anything abovet hat is shortening hte lifetime a bit..
  9. 1.3625v lol i dont think i will be seeing any real gaming improvements over 4.0ghz. But hell why not push and just see what it can do :pt1cable: prime has ran a full cycle from 8k to 64k over 3 hours, you think im safe to just try and push it a bit more and start testing again?
  10. What power supply do you use?
  11. good choice :D
  12. so im testing 4.15ghz at 1.2v windows booted(i was shocked) running prime will check it in the morning and see how i did.
  13. 4.15ghz failed prime after about an hour. I set it back down to 4.0ghz at 1.2v and ran prime for another 12hours everything ran perfect. Here is a screen shot right before i stopped the test. Im not sure what temp the "system" temp is in speedfan most of the time it sits at -65c then today when i looked it was reading 124c but all my other temps are fine so im not sure if its a bug or if it is really even monitoring anything.

    Here is a pic of the config window for speedfan. It shows the system temp to be measuring off of the Winbond W83627DHG the s ame thing the CPU and AUX are measuring but both those temps are fine. Even after stopping the test and all my other temps dropped the system is staying at 124c.

  14. My settings for 4.0ghz at 1.2v: FSB @ 1685 9.5x multi, Linked and synced memory at 842mhz 5-4-4-15 2T

    CPU core set to 1.2v shows as 1.18v
    CPU FSB set to 1.175V shows as 1.16V
    Mem set to 2.0v shows as 1.98v
    Nforce SPP 1.3v
    Nforce MCP 1.5v
    HT Nforce SPP <->MCP set to auto shows as 1.2v
    CPU PLL set to auto shows as 1.5v

    Idle temps around 25c per core, load temps around 45c per core, 58c on the cpu.
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