E7200 overclocked @ 3.04 GHz... ... ... ...need reviews

These are my specs-

And cpu-z validator-


Overclocked @ 3 GHz [320*9.5] and after running prime95 for 150 minutes, its been stable I think.

Core temperatures without load - 26c and 32c
Core temperatures with load - 54c and 56c

But I still could not find the ram timing settings on the bios and I had set the value of performance settings= extreme

Are the values of temperatures, ram timings, voltage etc etc ok?

Its my first overclock BTW.

Please post reviews.

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  1. Okay my E5200 is overclocked to 4.14GHz and Im still going on a P45 Motherboard, your system is OK if it wasn't for that G31 Motherboard its a bad overclocker and with a P45 based board like the Asus P5Q series you should get ALOT more from that CPU, also check the memory timing divider
  2. More reviews guys?
  3. Are you on stock cooling? I just threw a e7300 into a p5q-pro and am at 3.9Ghz @ 1.375V, Rock solid stable. (Zerotherm Nirvana cooler idles @ 30C, Load High 40's).
    I think you can squeeze alot more out of that processor, I would, if you haven't already, invest in a aftermarket cooling solution of some sorts and push it farther, these E7... series are great OCing fun. I bet you can get near 4ghz. I had it at 4, booted into windows fine but minimal gains for higher voltage than I am comfortable with. Good luck!
  4. Ok, I've set core voltage manually to 1.175v from BIOS.

    But after running prime95 for 10 hours, that means on 100% load, cpuZ shows core voltage 1.120v.

    DOes that mean I can further lower my core votage?
  5. The way a it works is you up the speed until it is not stable. Then you up Vcore to a point until it is stable (within limits). These 45nm processors are rated up to 1.362 Vcore, unless you have adequate cooling in which case you get a bit more leeway. You are well within the safe zone @ 1.175. 3Ghz is an extremely mild overclock and you actually probably don't need to up voltage at that level. I think most are able to just up FSB to 333 to get a 3.16 OC (like the 8400). If I were you I would try that and then see if you need voltage increase. :wahoo:
  6. My E7200 is doing an easy 3.35GHz on stock volts, so you can easily squeeze more out of that. I was doing a 4GHz on 1.27V but I scaled it back because of heat. So in short, with your overclock, the processor is not even breaking a sweat.
  7. Just an update, have my E7300 @ 3.9 Ghz at 1.36V right now, idling at 25C Load is in the low 30's, stable as can be (24/7). Push that E7200 a little harder! you will not regret it!
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