need decision RIGHT NOW or im stuck with X800XL agp!!!

Evga 8800GS Superclocked or Evga 8800 GTS 320mb?

I need to make a decision right away. LIKE NOW. i dont live in the US so my window of opportunity for purchase is closing...and fast. which card to get?
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  1. 8800GS out of those two
  3. If these are your only choices of the two the 8800 GTS is much better.
    It has 320 MB memory and 320 bit.
    The other (8800GS) only has a 192 bit memory interface.
  4. Defenantly The GTS, memory bus can be a nasty bottleneck.
  5. 384>320 those additional 64 come in handy + you get g92 instead of g80 cards about equal in performance.
  6. Neither card will work in an AGP slot.
    These are PCI express x16
  7. Its funny how much trouble people have spelling 'definitely'! You guys should be using Firefox, it has a built in auto spell checker.

    If you are overclocking the card, get the GS if not get the GTS.
  8. Forget the video card, I'll take the GTX. Nice
  9. I have both and honestly either option is nice for the money. performance should be similar at stock speeds. If they are both the evga versions like on Newegg, they are both very quiet. One has a single slot cooler, one has a dual slot rear venting cooler. Both do well without fsaa and at 12x10 and lower resolution, both will struggle in some games at 16x10 and higher with fsaa.
  10. rsetter1 said:
    Forget the video card, I'll take the GTX. Nice

    Thanks (can't tell you what I have been through w/ her)! Thats what I say, Plymouth introduced the first GTX in 1967, nVIDIA's 9800GTX is really letting the name down!
  11. im chucking my old mobo with the upgrade, moving up to PCI-E x16. somebody is actually buying my X800XL for $75!
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