Q6600 Cooler Issue or Paranoia?

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 400x8- 3.2ghz
Evga 8800GT 512mb
4x 1GB G-skill PC6400 DDR2 800 (5-5-5-15)
TX750w Corsair PSU
Seagate ST3320620AS 7200RPM 320gb
Windows Vista Ultimate x64

So I recently overclocked this to 3.2ghz with the Xigmatek S1283 with the Crossbow back plate and am having some fears/questions.

I had to jump the vcore to 1.3500v but CPU-z says 1.312v (disabled Intel Vdroop) to get it stable prime95 but the temps are high compared to other people who made comments/reviews both here and newegg when I got it.

Screenshot of voltages/temps etc

Idle temps are 32-31-26-28

Prime95 temps on the 4000 test are 48-48-42-45 and the 800000 test is 55-55-49-50

This is based in a 21c-22c room or 65F room.

Are these temps accurate for the voltages?
Could I have possibly added to much AS5 the contact is there but perhaps there is enough paste to "hold" some temps thus why so high?

Also are any of the tests on prime95 "real use" or are all the tests made just to stress the CPU and you will never see such calculations done?

Thank you.
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  1. Those temps are decent for that chip being OC to 3.2. I have mine watercooled at 3.6 and at idle I see 31-32C. Your load temps are about 10C higher than mine, but still well within decent range for that chip, especially OC. You will see your temps drop a little after a few weeks of the AS5 curing from repeated load/cooling.
  2. ^ Yeah those temps are fine, absolutely nothing to fear, lol
  3. All right I just hear all these reviews of 3.4ghz or higher with 1.4v and in a 80F room getting my temps in a 65F room.

    So I add in its going to be 10c hotter in my room during summer so those temps seemed a bit under-par.

    ATM though temps are 28-27-22-26 idle ^-^

    Either case thanks...my first overclock so was shooting for under 60c

    Hell of a jump from a 2.3ghz X2 4400+
  4. Hey twist... Read the Temperature Guide at the top of the overclocking page.

    It has all you need to know about your cpu temperature, and detailed info on how to calibrate speedfan, so you can have the most accurate temp readings possible.
  5. You know I will thanks Sportsfanboy.

    I appreciate your help :bounce:
  6. You have nothing to complain or worry about. You got a decent chip. My q6600 needs 1.42v to be stable @ 3 Ghz. My temps go up to 60-65 in Prime after a few hours... be happy with what you have!
  7. Koolaidman23 said:
    You have nothing to complain or worry about. You got a decent chip. My q6600 needs 1.42v to be stable @ 3 Ghz. My temps go up to 60-65 in Prime after a few hours... be happy with what you have!

    I was not complaining I was double checking everything was ok since it was my first overclock

    ATM I dunno if your just trying to be insulting or it just came out that way.
  8. Absolutely not trying to be insulting. If anything, I am jealous of your overclock. Just was not having a good day yesterday.
  9. Ah no issue then...I have had those kind of days.
    Few hours of Counter Strike trash talk solves it though.

    I always thought my G0 was a bit on the high-end good to know I got a rather nice one. VID was 1.325v so I assumed I got the most power hungry G0.
  10. I have a G0 with the same VID... but I am using the Arctic Cooler Pro 7. I could work a bit harder to overclock higher, but it takes a lot of time, and I have a 3 year old who doesn't like it when Daddy disappears inside the BIOS. Also, I refuse to have the CPU fan on 100% all of the time, as my computer is in the living room.

    I had it up to 3.2 at one time, and I ran Prime overnight. My third core (it is always the troublemaker) had an error 4 hours in. The other cores were fine.
  11. the freezer 7 pro sucks balls at cooling an oc'ed Q6600(first hand experience) went to a thermalright 120 ultra extreme now 100% stable@3.7@1.408
  12. Lucky VID: 1.225

  13. The Xigmatek S1283 is on sale at newegg for $29, I am thinking about picking one up. But, I have heard good things about the Sunbeam Tech Core Contact Freezer. Anyone have an opinion about its effectiveness with a q6600?
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