ASUS P5k Deluxe and E6750 FSB Issue

So I've got an ASUS P5k Deluxe with an E6750. I decided to OC my chip by raising the FSB to 400. I Prime 95'd t for 25 hours after I adjusted my voltage and my chip is perfectly stable at 3.204. The issue is that my FSB is consistently shown as 401 or 402. Is there something wrong or will running it right there be ok?

Is there any way to keep it at 3.2 ghz and make the FSB stick at exactly 400?

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  1. nope besides it doesnt affect how your cpu runs.
  2. Yeah, it doesn't affect anything, I'm just a bit of a perfectionist I suppose....
  3. After monitoring it a few days it seems to go up and down, always in the 400 range. Sometimes it'll dip to 398, sometimes it'll go back up to around 402.....There's nothing bad going on is there?
  4. nope it normal even for a non OC cpu.
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