Raid 1 for gaming?

I recently purchased a system that has 2 640gb 7200rpm HD's with RAID 1.

It's a refurbished system, with just Vista Home Premium 64 installed. I could have purchased an idental system with a single 640gb but it was the same price, strangely. Either way, I will use it almost soley for gaming and after thumbing through several pages at tom's and on the net, I was trying to figure out a few things.

Raid 0 is best for gaming, can it be switched?

My data is not important and while the redundancy checking of raid 1 is nice, I have never lost a HD in nearly 20 years *knock on wood*. Is there any advantage other then redundancy checking I will have? It won't be used as a server as is probably intended.

I've read conflicting pages. Some say it's about the same as a single HD, others say your reading will be improved marginally to greatly, others say it may be worse. Ultimately, I'm guessing it will be slightly slower on the "write" side of things.

I'm just trying to figure out if the second HD is just going to suck up power aimlessly for years to come without ever gaining an advantage to it.

I wouldn't mind removing the 2nd HD to add to another system or configuring it to raid 0 if the gains in gaming is marginal where it sits now.

Thank you for any help!
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  1. RAID 1 should have a very close read performance to RAID 0 also RAID 1 does offer something called "split seeks". Not sure if the intel RAID does it or not. Split seeks are useful when multitasking heavy and may help a bit in games.
  2. Thank you for info Psy!
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