Windows was unable to complete the format. Help!

I have a Maxtor Personal Storage 3200. About a week ago it just stopped working correctly. When I would plug it into my computer via USB it would say I needed to reformat the HDD. This is no big deal, as I have the software to restore data prior to a reformat. The problem lies in the fact I cannot reformat. I have tired via XP and Vista the following ways.

1) When I plug in the Hard Drive it says "Windows needs to format the disk to use it." I click yes. When I try it this way it will "run" for about 20 minutes and then say "Windows was unable to complete the format."

2) Formatting via Disk Management, this seemed to worked, after about 2 hours it got to 100 percent complete, after that it finally said "Windows could not complete the format." This left the hard drive with a RAW file structure.

3) Formatting with Maxtor MaxBlast, MaxBlast just sits there; I left my computer on overnight. Even then it shows no progress on the progress bar.

I tried to run POWERMAX which is Maxtor's diagnostic tool, but every floppy drive I try to use to create the media with says I need to close the write protection tab, I try closing it, I try opening it, nothing works. So that’s out of the picture.

Since the hard drive is left with a RAW format, I cannot chkdsk. I ran Zero Assumption Recovery but that just lead to an error about the solver head or something that I can't recall. (It literally takes 7 hours to run, and I don't feel like running it again to get the exact error). I have also tried Ontrack and Stellar Phoenix, all they do is help me recover files AFTER I get it formatted correctly, so they are of no use to me.

I just need to get the HDD formatted, so I can someone use it to get my files back. What can I do?

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  1. Unfortunately, it sounds like the drive is bad.
  2. So you think taking it into a computer repair shop might be a waste of money? You know how they charge that 30 dollar diagnostic crap.

    Just scrap it and get a new one?

    Really sucks I had a lot of important files on that HDD, and acutally I was in the process of backing some of them up.
  3. do the following to get back task manager
    Using the Group Policy Editor in Windows XP Professional

    1. Click Start, Run, type gpedit.msc and click OK.
    2. Under User Configuration, Click on the plus (+) next to Administrative Templates
    3. Click on the plus (+) next System, then click on Ctrl+Alt+Delete Options
    4. Find Remove Task Manager in the right-hand pane and double click on it
    5. Choose the option "Not Configured" and click Ok.
    6. Close the Group Policy Window

    To get more instructions on this, refer:
  4. windows ntfs file system format ... solution is just format it with fat32 remember that .... don't format it with ntfs :non: make it fat32 .... taraaaaaaa..... thats partition is back ... i just try it by my self .... try it :) :(
  5. Sometimes it's the case where accessing certain bad areas of the drive will cause the drive to hang. In cases like this with difficulty it's often possible to take an image of the drive and recover most of your data off the image.
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