New video card causing monitor and PC to crash

Hello everyone!

Just installed a GeForce 9600GT into my system, and it's causing the monitor to turn itself off, and then the PC freezes. We need to do a hard reboot. It only occurs when my son is on-line gaming. We never had this problem with previous Asus card.

Here's what we have:

Power supply: 650w by BFG
Sceptre X9W monitor
XP Media Center SP2
Intel Core 2 CPU 6400, 2.13 gHz
3.2 RAM

I did some research yesterday and was advised to:

--set BIOS display to PCI and disable onboard video (couldn't find it in my BIOS options)
--turn off Enable Write Combining

And other thoughts or help?

Thanks! Keith
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  1. pci-e 2.0 cards do not work well with all old mobo's

    check your mobo to see if they work with pci-e 2 or if you need a bios upgrade
    note: usually you get no display at all, not a crash

    i would check microsoft updates let it scan it may be a os issue with the pci-e 2.0 card
  2. What are the specs of the PSU?
  3. Psu spec- 650 Watt Atx 12 V 2.0/EPS 12V.

    And your right Dragonspray, the monitor goes blank. We will look to do bios update.
  4. Thanks for your help guys!
    Heres what we have done:
    BIOS update for our Biostar T-Force 945-P
    Installed new 650 Watt power
    Used a driver cleaner to get rid of old Nvidia drivers

    Monitor still freezes, followed by the computer freezing, requiring a reboot.
    This only happens on FPS games such as Counter-Strike and Bf2. But it will not freeze on the RTS games such as Company of Heroes.

    Any more ideas would be appreciated.
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