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(I'm aware that this question was asked before, I did a search. Only none of the search results were accessible for some reason ("page does not exist") so I'll just ask again.)

I recently bought a Thermalright Extreme heatsink and a Noctua S12 fan to go with it. I decided to purchase three of these fans so I could replace my case fans too.

Now, these fans are supposed to have two modes: 1200RPM and 800RPM. 800RPM is almost inaudible, which is what I was hoping for, only I can't get my fans to run at that speed. I tried Speedfan, which manages to reduce the speed of Fan2 (whichever one that is), but which doesn't seem to have any influence on the other fans.

The fans are plugged in with 3-pin connectors to the motherboard's CPU_FAN, SYS_FAN and SYS_FAN2 plugs. The motherboard in question is a Gigabyte EP32C-DSR3 rev 2.1. If it matters, the processor is a E8400 oc'd to 3.6Ghz.

Any idea why the fans won't slow down using Speedfan? Any other programs to control fan speed that work better?

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  1. In order to limit the speed using speed fan, you need a 4 pin header.
    You can set up auto fan speed options in the BIOS, or you can physically limit the current going to the fans with some resistors.
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