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This post might be long, so bear with me. I built this system last year, about November I guess. I posted a thread here back then because I was having problems with bsods and games I played kept crashing, the conclusion I made was that my mobo must be faulty, but lowering my ram speed from 1066mhz to 800mhz made the computer perfectly stable (although it still failed memtest 86 for some reason). So I put up with thas solution.
I run a lot of games on this machine and while most games run flawlessly, I have a bewildering problem. I've installed and played very many games and game demos since putting this system together and so far I have played only three game demos which have given me a problem. What happens is after a seemingly random (but usually very short) period of playing, everything locks up, the sound screws up and my screen is covered with (usually) red rectangles. It happens everytime I run those demos:

To list them, they are:

Fear Perseus Mandate
Rail Simulator

I fail to see what they have in common.

When it first happened I thought it was due to some component overheating, but that seems unlikely. For one thing, I've logged my temps and they seem fine. Secondly, I've ran game such as crysis at full settings with no problems, if that game doesn't make my pc overheat then nothing will!

Until now, the problems have been exclusive to those listed demos but today I was playing company of heroes: opposing fronts (which I've been playing for months now, regularly, with no crashes or problems whatsoever, I've spent hours and hours on it) and it happened, for the first time ever while playing that game. I'm really confused as to what could have caused it. I'm wondering if it's related to my mobo and the fact that my ram fails memtest 86, (the reason I think the mobo is to blame is because I've tested the ram on another board and it passed memtest). It's just very odd to see this happen with seemingly no cause)

BTW, the problem occurs in vista AND xp (I dual boot) so that rules out the os I think.

My specs are:

bfg 8800gt oc2
Corsair HX620w PSU
Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5D ram

(all those components were brand new when I put together this machine)

Here's a pic, taken on my digital camera because I couldn't take a screenshot after it occurs since the machine locks up. This is from the mutant demo (yes it's a pretty obscure game, I play an awful lot of everything)

I think that covers everything, sorry for typing so much. Hoepfully someone will have an idea of what's going on, because I don't have a clue. I hope this is the right section to post in too.
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  1. Erm, that image isn't exactly helpful in diagnosing your problem...
  2. Hmmm...from your screenshot...why are you complaining?? :) Looks like you are pretty lucky if you have 2 chicks like that showing up on your screen when a game crashes.
  3. Is mutant demo about Alonso and Fisichella with two ugly bimbos?

    Alonso does look like weird red rectangles though...
  4. The image works for me. :S I'll rehost the damn picture. Stupid imageavenue.
  5. Hmm, it won't let me edit my first post, so I'll just have to post the image here.

    Hopefully that one should work.
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