ATI HD 4870 forcing clocks back to stock.

System specs
Antec 550w trio.
Asus m2n-sli.
OCZ ddr6400 (over clocked 440mhz (x2) 1.9v 5-5-5-15 2t).
AMD a64x2 Windsor 4200+ overclocked setting as follows (multi - 11, cpu- 240, board 4x HTT = 960, volt- 1.424, max temp 54C ) 2640mhz.
Sapphire ATI HD 4870.
nsystem is stable through anything I can put it through.... my latest test was super pi 32 and I passed don't remember how long it took though.

Now my ati card will always force itself back to 500 core speed and 1800 memory speed which is annoying as all hell. It performs similar to my overclocked 9600 GSO!!!!!! (not really it still like 15-20% faster) but come on...... I have tried the ATI catalyst whatever software, and I am trying to use rivatuner it passes the test on either of the software but soon as I do something else it will go right back to stock settings. I tried overclocking to anything it will go back to the orignal settings..... I NEED HELP (I tried over clocking even 1mhz up it won't do it).

Have all the latest drivers also, thinking it might have been a driver problem but its not.
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  1. i have the sapphire 4870 and when its not running 3D it clocks down, like cpu.
    when running 3D it will clock back up to 750mhz
  2. perfectly normal, try using gpu-z to monitor the chip, then run a game in windowed mode next to it so you can see both at the same time,

    should see it running at the overclocked settings.
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