Windows on new ssd won't shutdown/restart

I bought x25-m 80GB, update firmware and installed windows 7....after I installed some drivers my computer wouldn't shutdown/restart - just say "shutting down" and that's all. First I thought it was because of W7 (it's not after all final). After I made system restore (before some point) everything is ok. Then I installed everything the same again and everything is fine. I continue to install some programs and again it won't make restart (just say "shutting down")....

I installed back Vista x64 but same thing happened again!!

To sum it up: After random installation of any software/driver my computer won't restart/shutdown. For example I can install drivers for sound and graphic card and then I want to make restart but computer just wont shut down ( to restart it again)....Then I make system restore, install it again and everything is fine. Some time after for example I install NOD32 and the same thing happened again. Make restore, install it again and everything is fine.

I update my bios on MBO (tried to install windows with default settings - same thing) - do I have something to change in BIOS? Is it some kind power management sort of? I'm just clueless because it's random....only know it's some kind of hardware problem...

MBO: ASUS P6T Deluxe
Proc: i7 920
Memory: 12GB Corsair 1600C9
VGA: 4870x2

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  1. Do you have an old hard disk lying around? Maybe you can try using it, installing Windows 7 and running on it. That way we can eliminate the SSD as the cause of your problem, so if everything checks out, then there must be something wrond with the SSD. How long have had it btw?
  2. List the drivers you've installed after after clean installing Windows and their version number. If you're sure all drivers are the latest from the manufactures website (e.g. Intel chipset, ForceWare/Catalyst, Realtek and not from ODM like ASUS, Gigabyte..etc.)

    Other than that do as Lavarin recommended and install Windows on HDD instead to eliminate the SSD being the cause. Although it's highly likely installing on HDD will give you the same issue and it's a matter of the drivers.
  3. You probably installed some bad drivers, make sure all are WHQL certified.
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