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I'm about to purchase an Antec P182 and had a question on fans. I like the specs on the Scythe SY-1225SL12SH Slipsteam fans and was going to purchase two. I plan on setting up one on the front and one on the rear, and perhaps moving the TriCool fan that comes with the case on the rear to the front of the case, utilizing all 5 available fan locations.

Now the question I have is would I be able to set the fan controller to the 2 Scythe fans and manually set the other two upper chamber Antec fans manually to, say, medium speed?
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  1. The antec fans have a switch on them to set manually anyway....don't plug into for the scythe fans...I'm not sure.....I would always set all fans to high's computers get freakin hot.....don't mess around
  2. I was reading the reviews on Newegg on the Scythe fans and the majority, while recommending these fans, also recommended a fan controller for them, as they can pull up to 110 cfm (@ around 32db).

    Thanks for the answer though, just didn't want to have to get another fan controller or 4-fan controller.
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