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I have a Windows Server 2003 running on a P5B-VM DO motherboard. Windows is on it's own drive and I have a 4 drive RAID 5 array on Samsung 500GB drives. This has been running fine for months. Today I was rearranging things in the case and inadvertently knocked loose a power connection that served two of the RAID drives. When I booted, it showed two drives as "failed" since they didn't spin up. I shutdown, reattached power, and rebooted and the array is now "rebuilding". The drives are in the same place, cabled the same way, and nothing else changed.

My concern is that it viewed two drives as "failed", (even though all are completely intact.) The data appears intact as I view it on the server. I'm assuming it just feels the need to rebuild the parity drive since there was a failure.

Should I be concerned there will be data loss when the rebuild completes? (In another 14 or 15 hours at the rate it is going...)
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  1. Unless something goes really wrong, the rebuild should proceed smoothly, and your data should still be available. Are you sure it was your parity drive that was knocked out though?
  2. RAID 5 - any one (1) of the 3 (or more) hdd's may fail without data loss, disturbing 2 or more failed/missing drives will cause the array to fail, and NO there is no pairty drive le13enforce - raid 5 evenly distributes parity across all drives

    look for a tool called RAID2RAID and see if you can mount the drives to get your data off

    out of interest - what raid card or setup were you using?
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