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a couple ofdays ago good old windows update downloaded updates for my Dell XPS M1330 amongst them a nVidia driver for the 8400 everything worked fine untile today when i tried booting up and all the display showed was a blank white screen with grayish stripes running down it. Now im assuming this because there were only two updates and one of them was for Windows Office (which i doubt did anything) can anyone tell me how to fix this, perhaps maybe keystrokes to get to system restore since i cant see. thanks in advance
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  1. Just before the windows loading bar shows up, press F8 and enter safe mode. If everything loads up fine, it's a driver (or some software) problem. If you still get the graphical problem, it's a hardware issue. Once you determine if it's software or not we'll work from there ;)

    EDIT: Wait, does the graphical problem show up as soon as the computer turns on, or after windows starts booting up?
  2. as soon as it turns on its a white screen don't even see the BIOS.
  3. 1) Re-do all your connections (monitor cable, power cable on card if it has one)
    2) Reseat the video card clearing the slot of dust then go back to 1)
    3) Replace the card
  4. Sounds to me like the chip is bad. Screen artifacts at / during POST are usually a very very bad sign. I would get that guy RMA'd quick, and let dell deal with it.

    They are usually pretty good about fixing the XPS line in a hurry also. That is, if you still have your warranty.
  5. And don't go opening up your laptop. Just leave it alone until you get the word from dell.
  6. Oh right, I forgot it's a laptop. *slaps forehead* Guess that means don't open it :lol:
  7. nevermind fixed it. for some reason i finally saw the bios, so i ran it in safe mode and uninstalled the driver and installed my old one and it now works perfectly. damn nivdia vista drivers.
  8. The drivers have nothing to do with artifacting and glitches before windows boots up.
  9. somebody spilled their beer on the keyboard again....
  10. perhaps but its been running for two straight days without any artifacts or anything else for that matters
  11. Same exact scenario happened with my M1330 numerous times in past month. After many system restores and temporary fixes, finally called Dell after it happened the 7th or 8th time and they remotely installed A15 bios and latest Nvidia driver (26 Apr 09 version). All was good until it glitched again and restarted with white screen yesterday. After 3 reboots, started fine but just a pretty big pain. But just letting you know, you're not the only one, going to call up Dell again and I'll post any fixes I find but for now, not too sure. Had this laptop for a year now, and no problems until last month.
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