Here's something weird...Hl2: Ep 2 = 15 FPS after 2 mins of play 100??

heres something weird. When i first got the Gx2, Hl 2: ep 2 ran at 15 fps and lower. After about 2 mins of play, the lag vanished and I was hitting blazing frame rates. I restarted the game and the lag never happened.

After I went to play TF2, same problem and after 2 mins blazing frame rates.

Source SDK: Orangr Box same problem and again after 2 mins blazing frame rates came.

Now when ever I play these games, the problem didn't happen again. I decided to run a quick test, I reinstalled windows and did the same thing.

Again 15 fps appeared, and I went through the same process.

My question is, has any1 else run into this problem? Hl2: Ep 2 (it has to be part of the orange pack, the others weren't affect) and after just leaving the game for 2 mins it went to normal?

It only happens the first time it was was kinda like the video card needed to warm up to the game:P haha

I remember the same thing happened with the 9600 GTies I had in sli.

At first it looked like driver problems (although it still might be) the problem is no more:S

Really weird, I know its not happening anymore but I would like it explained.

K thnx!
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  1. Vista?
  2. yup 64 bit
  3. Wonder if its taking time to preload in your ram? I dont have Vista, but it is a feature
  4. maybe. Buts its really weird how its centered with The Orange Box:S I dunno

    But you do understand what I'm trying to say right? lol I was afraid people wouldn't understand what I'm trying to ask:P
  5. Yea, thats why I thought of it. Either that, or its your HDD, but that wouldnt always happen, and it wouldnt do it only the first time then quit. It may be that preload feature, who knows. Maybe someone knows for sure, mine was just a guess, Ive been wrong before heheh
  6. I understand. I'll have to find out. It was really weird. I was going to kick myself because I was thinking that even the new drivers have problems with the 9800 GX2. Well they do, but mostly in Quad :P
  7. Most games do that for takes a few seconds and then I get good fpsss.
  8. I'm thinkin it might happen mostly to ppl with G92 chips and that are running sli. But I'm not certain.
  9. L1qu1d said:
    I'm thinkin it might happen mostly to ppl with G92 chips and that are running sli. But I'm not certain.

    I have G92 chips in Sli and I'm not experiencing your issues[:mousemonkey:2].
  10. it sounds kind of like the game isn't fully loaded until about 2 minutes into the game. I've experienced similar things when i play stalker. maybe your hard drive is being slowed down by something?
  11. yes but it only happens the first time I ever play it, when even i play it now it doesn't do that. Everything is running maxed out! :S I'm really confused. I was hoping its common, that way it takes the pressure off just me, but it seems it might be system related. hmmmm
  12. Maybe the two minutes is the time it takes for your GX2 to render every possible frame you might need for the rest of the game... :heink:

    Man I love Orange Box but do I gotta download the 64 bit version before I can play it at all? I would like to run the 32 bit version until my 768 down DSL can get it all downloaded... :/
  13. No clue lol it could be, the same thing happened with the 9600s so i dunno:S
  14. well is like crysis, and the battlefield series, it optimizes shaders for about a minute or two before it actually runs correctly. Your game actually lessens performance while in battlefield or crysis, the textures aren't right.
  15. It was the Underpants Gnomes... problem solved.
  16. Maybe it's the poor 9800GX2 driver.
    I'm not sure...
  17. yes it could be actually but I'm not too sure, the thing thats complicating things are the fact that the 9600 GTies did the same thing, and I can't remember if the 8800 GTS 320 did the same:S
  18. ryanthesav said:
    Most games do that for takes a few seconds and then I get good fpsss.

    Yeah, this is called texture loading. Your system loads all the games textures into the videocard memory. Thats why if you ever run a bench mark, like a doom3 time demo, or crysis or something, you go by the second bench run that way the textures are already loaded. This guy is talking about something different, texture loading doesn't drop you to 15fps on a gx2......actually sounds like some sort of driver issue to me. While it may be a senseless suggestion, i would go to the microsoft website and download the latest directx version. I have vista64 as well, and for some reason it didn't autoupdate direct x (yes, i have it set to autoupdate).
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