How to manually modify boot.ini flie

few days back i got "missing or corrupt hal.dll file" error, so i tried to copy that file from recovery console but that didn't solve the problem, so i tried to reconfigure boot.ini file.
so did "del c:\boot.ini" and than "bootcfg :/rebuild", but it gave me some "Failed to successfully scan disks for Windows installations" so could not proceed further from that step..
most of the commands of bootcfg i.e. add, scan, rebuild etc. are giving the same error..

so what i did is, installed windows xp on another drive of another hard disk (i have 2 internal hard disks), which is working

so what i now have is, non working windows xp on :e of one hard disk (i don't know how it changed from :c to :e) and working windows xp on :h of another hard disk

now when i start recovery console it shows 2 windows installations, one on :e and other on :h, but when i do "bootcfg :/scan" it shows just one bootable file i.e. of :h

so is there any way, that i can do to make my windows on :e recognizable during start up, like by adding some information to boot.ini file of :h or by adding new boot.ini in :e.... please help me with this, i have lot many things installed and don't want to lose them.....
thanks in advance
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  1. I think you should start by performing a repair install on the original C drive (now e). Here's a helpful guide.

    Once that completes, then you may need to rebuild the boot.ini file.
  2. thanks for the suggestion, i will give it a try.
  3. You're welcome. Let me know how it goes.
  4. aford10 said:
    You're welcome. Let me know how it goes.

    ok, i tried to repair as you said, but when i did repair, it showed me just 1 windows installation i.e. in :h, and no :e.
    so, anything else i can do, or i will have to just format the previous installation
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    You can try and make it a slave drive in another PC, and see if you can pull any files from the damaged partition.

    Or you can do a fresh install, and use software like recuva to try and recover some of the lost files.
  6. ok, will try to recover as much data as possible.
    and thanks for your help and time. :)
  7. You're welcome. Good luck!
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