need feedback on my new build spec

Hi All,

This is my first post, I've been lurking for a while though!

I'm on the verge of ordering a new system through PC Specialist and wanted to run it by you guys first to get your feedback and any tips/changes you would recommend.

Heres the spec:

Processor (CPU)
Intel® Core™2 Duo E8400 (2 X 3.00GHz) 1333MHz FSB/6MB L2 Cache

Memory (RAM)

ASUS® P5K SE: DDR2, SATAII, PCI-e x16, 2 PCI, 3 x PCI-e x1

Operating System
WINDOWS® VISTA HOME PREMIUM SP1 (inc CD & License) (£55)

Memory - 1st Hard Disk

2nd Hard Disk

1st CD/DVD Drive
20x Dual Layer LightScribe DVD Writer ±R/±RW/RAM

Graphics Card
512MB GEFORCE 8800GT PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT

Sound Card
Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ XtremeMusic 7.1: £48

Network Facilities

Memory Card Reader

Stylish Black Aluminium Trigon Case + 2 Front/Side USB

Power Supply & Case Cooling
500W (Peak) Quiet Dual Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan

LG L226WTQ 22 inch Wide: HDCP/DVI/2MS/1680 x1050

For an extra £30, I could "upgrade" to a 512 this worth it?

I’ve already checked elsewhere, and for the components im getting, it’s always represented great value, wherever I’ve compared it to. Also, it does include a really good monitor, by all accounts, in the LG L226WTQ.

My only concern is that I want the machine to last a good few years (I’ve had my current for 5 years), so I need to have an element of future-proofing. Will this machine be up to the task for the next 3 years or so? And will it be able to play most modern games at a decent level of detail?

I know I wont be able to address the full 4 gig of RAM with a 32 bit OS, but im a little scared of the 64 bit vista due to the driver signing/compatability issues etc…..any feedback on this issue would also be greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance :)
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  1. For the 22" monitor I say the extra cost to get a GTS video card is worth it.

    I think overall you'll have a solid system for a couple years, but then again nobody can really tell what will come out between now and then (:

    What brand PSU are you getting? Also how is the ventilation in the case you've selected?
  2. For that monitor resolution, you will want a video card as clsoe to 8800gtx performance as possible. The GTS (G92) would be worth the money in that regard.

    On another note, good RAM by the way, I use it, not for overclocking though unfortunately. Make sure it is set to the correct specs in the bios as mine came underclocked at 333mhz instead of 400mhz.

    I would consider getting identical hard drives in case you'd like the mess around with RAID in the future. Was worth it in my case.

    Also I use Vista x64 and love it. Had to only sacrifice my beloved lcd studio for my g15 keyboard. Everything else has pretty much made the transition.

    Also I hope you aren't thinking about future proofing your system with a 500W power supply.

    Good Luck
  3. Red - would a 500w psu suffice for the moment? i guess its something i could add to in the future. or do you feel it woukd be better to take in a 600w just now.

    Pous - the psu is guaranteed to be a major brand, and ive vhecked with past customers and from memory they received ocz's.

    Im not too confident with RAID yet, but its something i might consider in the future. there is an option to have a raid set-up installed, but in truth im not even too sure what raid is, let alone how to sort it out should it go wrong at some point.

    Heres a link to the case:

    I've heard from other customers (the knowledgable guys on the PC Pro forum) that this is the best case of the bunch.
  4. 8800GTS will be better at higher res. If you were using a 8800GTS with a 19" monitor, there wouldn't be much difference between that and an 8800GT though. Seems like a well balanced rig.
  5. I think a 600w supply would be a good investment, maybe even a 700w. That is only if you were going with a second video card consideration in the future, which is out of the question if you choose a nvidia card and a p5k board with no sli capabilities. I always consider future proofing a computer a task best begun with the psu and motherboard, two expensive items that will run you a higher cost being replaced than being future proofed in the first place. Get a SLI capable board and a 700w psu and watch your components change around them. Forgive me for not having done my research as your mobo cannot RAID either.

    Coming from the guy who didn't get a future proofed motherboard and is kicking himself in the head for not doing so.

    If you are a person who truly enjoys building computers and likes to see them get faster and faster with the more experience you yourself take on, then spend time learning how to overclock and raid your system. Its a fun hobby that can only help your computer in the end, as long as you do your research *cough*

    But I'm just spitballing here... Have fun is all I can tell you
  6. I’m going to be ordering this system later on today, so any further tips/recommendations before then would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the help so far!
  7. Overall it is a good looking build, I would agree with some of the other people who made suggestions. Defintly get a 8800 GTS. A bigger PSU, 600w should do it.
  8. Whats everybody’s views on replacing the 160gb HD with a 150gb WD Raptor?

    The only thing is that its substantially more expensive. Would the performance increase be worth it? If its only gonna shave a few seconds off boot/load times, then I guess it wont be worth it. Furthermore, I’ve heard they sound like a jet engine in mid-flight……
  9. Can I just add this view I got from one of the guys on the PC Pro website:

    "Vista vs XP, well I would personally go for XP pro,

    JohnSheridan wrote:

    Windows Vista - ok for day-to-day stuff - no good for gaming.

    I have read John's posts for some time, and he knows what he is talking about, I would at least take note of his comments.

    Performance wise Vista is generally reckoned to be about 8% down on XP, however if you really need DX10 graphics I think Vista is the only way to get it (check). There could however be driver issues with the very latest graphics cards like the 9xxx series with XP, I just don't know so do some googling and ask about"....

    Any views on the above. He's really making me think that vista isnt as good an idea as I had thought, and im swaying towards XP Pro....
  10. skip the raptor, go for the 600w psu, and get xp pro if u want absolute max quality. Vista does have the better interface however.
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