Xp 32 bits to windows 7 64 bits better performance?


I'm looking to boost my computer performance in terms of speed. Simple question will an upgrade to windows 7 64bits make a difference? mainly for home enteraintment and gaming.

my computer spec:

Core 2 Duo E6700
Ram 4 gig ( only 3.24 in 32 bit xp)
Video 1 gig ATI HD 5770
Window Xp 32 bit

Thanks for looking :)
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  1. It could, but only if you use high memory defined games such as the new Starcraft II game which is primarily played from the Hard Drive. I would say on a flat normal speed run. XP and Win 7 are fairly similar. Win 7 has a few more great features (one of mine being the drag and size feature where dragging the window to the a side of the screen will fit it to that side or the full screen).

    If your really looking to speed up your computer, there are 2 options i can think of that have worked for me in the past.

    First, theres the RAID configuration in which case you need 2 primary hard drives of the same size. These 2 hard drives will be exact duplicates of each other. The computer can use both at the same time to run apps faster and smoother.

    Second, acquire a second hard drive for your computer. Then, take all of the things you dont use on a normal basis, or things such as videos or even sometimes program files, and load them to your new second hard drive. This frees up the primary drive to run ONLY windows. This sometimes helps because just like the RAID configuration, it will allow the computer to pull information from 2 locations, instead of straining to get information from 2 locations on the same disc.

    But thats just my 2 cents :)
  2. Thanks, I do have the SAT 0 setup with my harddrives. T

    he main reason I asked is that I'm wondering about the 32 bits switch to 64 bits as it allows greater RAM capacity(I think). I tried to read up on this 64bits vs 32 bits idea but got lost in all the technical jargon. My computer spec. says max of 8gig RAM but since i'm running 32 bits the max it allows to show is only 3.24 gigb. I know it will be a big hassel to upgrade it to windows 7 64, I'm trying to solicit some opinons as to how much of a improvement on performance it will be or its not much of a difference don't bother. :(
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    Lets see, Would upgrading be a good idea... yes, necessary... no. Let me explain.

    As of right now, a majority of the programs and systems still use a 32 bit operating system. The general population is ever so slowly being moved from 32 bit to 64 bit. The drawbacks of 32 bit is precisely what you mentioned, the RAM. if you use a program that uses a LOT of ram, or could utilize a lot of ram, then 64 bit is the way to go. If you do not, then 32 bit will work perfectly.

    Eventually, the entire general public will be completely moved over to 64 bit, and although 32 bit wont disappear for a while, it will slowly begin to fade out just as things like Windows 2k and Windows Me did. How soon or fast, is really decided on how accessible and obtainable the new software is.

    By upgrading to a 64 bit operating system, you are guaranteed to be able to install and run any software that will come out (granted it isnt a specialty item). At the same time, you will be able to use any 32 bit softwares that come out too (or that already exist) because a 64 bit system CAN run a 32 bit piece of software. I currently run Win7 64 bit, and if i were looking at purchasing a new OS and money wasnt a factor, id go for 64 bit. If money is a large factor, and you already have 32 bit, then just stick with 32 bit. You wont need to upgrade for a bit longer.

    All in all, the simple difference is just as i stated before, memory. Thats the main additional function of the 64 bit operating system. 64 bit operating systems can utilize more RAM and more memory more efficiently than could 32 bit operating systems.

    Hope this helps, i did my best to keep it simple. Let me know if you have any more questions and ill do what i can to answer them.
  4. Thanks for that explanation, certainly helps. I don't think there will be an need for me to upgrade to 64 bits for now. Since from the way you explain it most of the games and applications does not require a lot of ram, certainly doesn't take over 3 gig RAM to run just one or 2 programs at the same time.

    This computer is actually over 4 years old. I hope it will last me another 3 or 4 before I need another upgrade :)
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  6. When it comes to games, it depends on the ones you enjoy playing. I have found after talking to some friends of mine which all use different setups, that with games such as the new Sstarcraft II and some of the larger downloaded games such as games from Steam, the better memory management tends to help them run smoother.
  7. If you like working with midi and digital music apps it got to be 64bit. the other concern is the motherboard,fast chip set and the ability to hold lots of ram. At the moment it more economic to have lots of DDR 2 but if moneys not a concern DDR 3 is best. some boards will hold 24 gigs of ram WOW but if you want to run 24 tracks or more of midi and digital music with cope-us amounts of samples and effects processors the more the merrier. some of the top end samplers and drumming programes just wont hack it on a basic machine with 32 bit OS and when you get it set up, you can turn a basic midi track into something glorious , it great fun too !!! ( i've probably put this in the wrong section OH WELL who cares).
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