8-pin v 4-pin ATX 12v - plastic cover over 4 of 8 pins

I know this has been asked thousands of times but reassurance on the following would ease my mind.

My new MoBo (Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6) has a cover over the 8-pin ATX 12v leaving only 4 of the 8-pins exposed. I plan on removing the cover to use the 8-pin ATX 12v connector from my Antec NeoPw 650 PSU.

The main question is, should I remove the plastic cover and use the 8pin or leave it and us the 4 pin?

Using the 8-pin is fine if not preferred right?

See system build in sig.

I did a search on this and read many debates that quickly get off topic.

Thanks in advance

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  1. it's only there because few power supplies have a true 8 pin. most have 4 or 4 +4, it's fine to use the 8. The reason for the 8 is to spread the high amp load across more connectors is all; it's easier to use more traces to carry the higher current of the new quads then it is to beef up four traces.
  2. No problem using all 8 pins, But not required unless you plan on pushing your E8500 above 125 to 130 Watts. I have p965-DQ6 with E6400 @ 3.2 and had 4 Pin then switched to 8Pin (changed PSU) - No difference.

    Would cut the IR loss in half since you would decrease the Contact resistance at the 4/8 pin connector, Wire resistance (8 wires vs 4), and Contact resistance at PSU

    Added: royalcrown - What you said about higher current is correct. Just to clarify; The 8 pin predates the "newer Quads". The 8 pins was used/required for older Pentium D extremes, and overclocked pentium D's. Basicly, Required/recommended for >130 Watt. (Reference Gigabyte manual, and others that have resonded to this question.
  3. so what if my gigabyte x48 dq6 board won't come on if I connect 4 or 8 pins, but it will come on if I leave them unconnected? Only problem with that is that my graphics card won't come on.
  4. @superq,

    Do you have the pci-e connector from the power supply connected to your Video card?

    No, your board cannot operate with out the 4 or 2x4 power connected
  5. yes I have the pci-e from the power supply connected to the video card. board won't work if the 4 or 2x4 is connected though. it won't power up. any suggestions?
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