Intel 160GB SSD v. Lenovo 128GB SSD v. 160GB 7200rpm HDD

I'm in the market for the Lenovo x200 and wanted to get some feedback from the more-informed community about storage options. I have a general understanding of SSD v. HDD, but wanted to get more information on which option is best. As indicated in the title, the three options I'm considering are: (1) Lenovo's 128GB SSD (they claim that it is "Lenovo" that manufactures it, does anyone have info. on who really manufactures it?), (2) Intel's 160GB SSD, or (3) the old-school 160GB 7200RPM drive.

I don't do any intense computer work outside of excel, word, web browsing, etc., but I'm a multi-tasker, meaning that I have many of these programs open and running at the same time (obviously this only affects memory, not storage). Anyway, I'd like to get some more thoughts about the differences between Lenovo's SSD and Intel's (other than size and price) and whether or not it's really worth getting an SSD at this point in time.

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  1. I've heard good things about Intel's 160GB SSD. You're talking about the X25-M right? In any case, given what you wrote, I don't think you need SSD. None of the tasks you listed require very fast drive speeds.
  2. Lenovo ones are made with Samsung MLC controller I believe.
    But as r_manic said, your usage pattern won't greatly benefit from it.

    You might increase battery life by 30minutes compared to HDD and that's about it.
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