Soft Modding 8800GT

Alright, so I've got an additional 80mm fan blowing through the stock cooler keeping the temps moderately low. However I have a few questions

Q1: I am planning on volt modding the card via BIOS, and have everything needed. However seeing other BIOS mod tutorials (not for 8800GT) the clocks are in the 3D and 2D sections, whereas the 8800 sits in the Extras. To volt mod, should I use the Extras dropdown volt menu?

Q2: Is it possible to set the 2D clocks and voltage so I can run cooler when just on the desktop?

Q3: For the fan speeds, there's a button saying "Fanspeed IC".
Q3a: Can I change the critical temp from 100 to 125 and prevent it from crashing when it hits 100C?
Q3b: Is the fan on the 8800 really PWM? If so, can I change it from high freq to low freq and which frequency? And what exactly is the difference?
Q3c: Is acoustic enhancement worth it?

This will be my first time flashing the BIOS on any video card, so I dont want to brick my only PCI-e card (I'll be buying a GTX 260 soon but I planned on donating my 8800 to my brother afterwards)
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  1. Serious intentions!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Volt modding is not necessary on the 8800GT for a good OC, and won't necessarily give you an increase in performance, increase in heat! You Betcha!

    BIOS flashing a single card when you don't have at least some kind of backup card to be able to reflash the flashed card if you have a bad flash, is not a good idea.

    Also when you BIOS flash a video card its a good idea to be backed up with a UPS [Uninteruptible Power Supply], you don't want a power failure or any kind of surge or brown out in the middle of a BIOS flash.

    When you BIOS flash a video card if you have any warranty left, its gone period, you have to remove the BIOS lock to be able to flash the card and once the lock is removed, the manufacturer will know the cards been flashed.

    Personally I would suggest an after market cooler like the Zalman VF1000, for the 8800GT, but thats your decision.

    You need to fully understand the flashing procedure before you do it, this is a serious step, you also need to know the cards overclocking potential by using Riva Tuner to pretest the capabilities of the card, to know exactly what the card is capable of doing.

    I'm not trying to talk you out of your goal just cautioning you, since I have 2 8800GT BIOS flashed running in SLI, and I am fully aware of what you're getting into, because I've BIOS flashed many cards.
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