New system, what next...

my new PC is up & running, 1st time no-less !!! :sol:

E8400 (Freezer 7 Pro HSF) + Gigabyte P35-DS3P + G.Skill PC2-6400 2x1GB @ 4-4-3-5

A PSU in the 600-700W range is next (modular)

Current bits...
480W Hiper Type R
Hush NzXt Case with 2x12cm fans...
80+320GB SATA HDDs
1900XT 256MB
17" PLE431 iiyama TFT

But what next... i dunno...
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  1. I would vote graphics card (simultaneously with PSU if you get 2x 3850), but it depends what do you use the system for...
  2. I would go with a new video card, however I would go with Nvidia 8800gt for about the same price, or 8800gts (g92) 512mb for a little bit more.
  3. Gigbyte Odin Pro ordered (only a 550W) good enuf up to 2 decent graphics cards & 4 SATA HDDs... and its modular :)

    The purpose of my PC is gaming ;)
    I dont need every FPS i can get, but i want a decent framerate...
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