New build. What should I go with?

intel dual core wolf or a quad?

I am coming from a 3 year-old AMD 3500+ 2.3Ghz 939 on an Asus A8n 32 SLI Deluxe with 2 MSI 6600GT's and 2(512mb) Kingston pc3200 and 2(512mb) corsair value pc3200

I'm not a big gamer, but I do like to COD4 and BF2. I use DVDShrink, and dual boot ubuntu and xp pro32.

I want to spend around $200 on a cpu and about 100-150 on a mb. (on a budget) I'll probably use an EVGA E-geforce 8400GS.

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  1. E8400 or Q6600?

    I would go for the Q6600
  2. You should fish an extra $40 out of your couch and get a Q6700.
  3. I'd say Q6600, price/performance.

    But if you want to really OC hard, then the Q6700 would give you the edge on a good MB.

    E8400 can hold it's ground though... so in a sense, it really doesn't matter on all the choices until you have apps/games that take advantage of all the cores.

    And then again, this has been asked over and over and over and over...

  4. Your 6600GT's would perform better than a 8400gs.

    As such, get a SLi motherboard. Asus P5N-D
  5. if your not a gamer go with quad
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