Problem with new build

O.K. When I go to install Vista 64 Home Premium I get random reboots like the reset button is being pushed.
Sometime I don't make it past the windows is loading files screen and the furthest I've been is starting to copy files to the HDD

System specs

Thermaltake Aguila case
Coolermaster Realpower pro 850 (has 80+ sticker)
MSI P7N Diamond 780i mobo with xfi card
4 gigs of OCZ reaper ram 2x2gig sticks have only installed one stick at and have use both individually. Also have increased voltage to 2.0
MSI 8800 GTS 512 x2 (Installed both but then took one out to see if having both was the problem. I have not used the one I pulled individually yet)
Samsung 500 gig hdd (501lj?)
Samsung DVD burner (Sata)
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  1. Certainly sounds like a memory problem.. I had a similar issue, luckily I had 4 sticks of memory and was able to pull out the 2 sticks that were faulty, sure enough, compy started with them out. I spose you dont have any spare sticks lying around that you can test with?
  2. I doubt it's the ram, how often do two sticks in a pack fail. Plus it's restarted when the only input was me typing the CD key. Does anyone remember something about Coolermaster PSU's not liking being plugged into a power strip?
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