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Have the original Sprint Google G1 Phone. Have tried to connect it to my Windows 7 64bit OS. Have also installed the Android SDK with drivers. Connected the device though a USB sync cable and get the message USB device not recognized. This is a new USB cable as a prior post suggested one. Assuming the cable is viable what would be the steps to induce the OS to recognize the device? Guidance sought
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  1. when you physically connect the phone to the usb port on the computer, then on your G1 android device you must tell it to mount as a removable drive so you can access it from your computer. You do not need android sdk or special drivers.
  2. Much thanks for the guidance. I've never had to mount a drive and the information on the internet is sometimes contradictory. Can you offer me a link to a proper set of instructions? I appreciate your efforts and await your reply.
  3. not much to it really. when you connect your android device its initially only in 'charge mode'
    slide your finger down the screen to pull down the menu and you will see an option to mount the phone as a storage device. now you will be able to access your phone like an external hard disk or thumbdrive by using the file manager.
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