Speedfan Temps-- Difference betw. two

Been going crazy trying to figure this out, and my obsessiveness won't let me let it go, but yeah. Trying to figure out which is REALLY the CPU, and what the other temp is [mobo, or just CPU as well? idk]. But yeah... figured I'd be able to get an answer here.

Here's the pic:

I also noticed that IT8712F is in the CHIP section, which after research led me to believe that temp is for the mobo ['cause that chip is a sensor on motherboards, no?]

But then my BIOS is reporting that temp as the CPU temp. So I'm completely lost on what's going on. I'm not sure if there's supposed to be two CPU temps or what... Ah. Brain hurts. Lol.

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  1. Core is a temperature sensor built into the cpu itself. Temp 1 looks like a case temp and the other temp 1 is either the chipset or a sensor in the cpu socket... load it up and what ever other temp goes up is most likely the cpu...

    Either way the one marked as Core(AMD K8) is the most accurate cpu temp you can get. and its nice and cool.
  2. Thanks for your input. Well yeah, I'm not really concerned about the 2nd "Temp 1", the ACPI one. Cause that one hasn't changed at all and I do think it is a chipset. But yeah... I don't really understand the whole "case temp" thing... But it does sort of make sense. How is that sensed? And yeah, the K8 is always higher than that temp 1. So I think that one is the CPU... but why would my BIOS report the temp 1 as the CPU temp? Confusing...
  3. Most boards also have some kind of sensor in the socket that the bios uses. Its possible that the Temp1 is just that sensor. This confuses people with all systems. When you can a core temp is always the most accurate

    Every board is different. some have a sensor for actual case temps like mine below. What board are you running?

    do not just "think" K8 is the cpu, it IS the cpu Athlon64's are K8(Its the architecture the A64 was build with) CPUs just like Athlon XP's are K7

    Just a reference image of one of my AMD systems.
    The only temp you need to worry about is the AMD K8 one. and your running cool anyway. Mine is hot because its old and loaded to the nuts with the fan at 65%
  4. I have a biostar TF7025-M2. But yeah, I know the K8 IS the CPU... But like you said, yeah. That temp 1 probably is a sensor built into the socket. Or maybe the fan atop? I noticed that it's about 1/3 - 1/2 cooler than the K8 temp... So maybe it's a little further away?

    I just wanna figure out what that other temp is so I can label it accordingly, lol. Hm... "case" or "mobo" or "CPU?" Idk.

    Thanks a lot for the input and the pic too, I appreciate it!
  5. The core temp is on average 10-15c higher then the socket temp. This is because the core sensor is in the hottest part of the cpu. Think of it like holding your hand over the stove. its hot, but not as hot as if you touched the element(OUCH).

    Mine has an offset of 6c at load, but since the cpu has been loaded 100% for months on end the temperature in the socket has had time to rise closer to the core.

    Every motherboard maker calibrates differently(they try to get accurate, but even different heatsinks and cpus effect the amount of heat that gets into the socket). The only way to be sure is see how far it goes up at load case temps change much less then cpu/socket temps.
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