question about mATX and ATX

hi all, this is my first post here!!

i am going to build a system and doing some research around,
but i couldn't find any report or article about performance between ATX and micro ATX board.

my question is, same setting on 2 machines (cpu, ram, graphic card), no OC, cooling is not a problem, wats the performance different between ATX and mATX? or form factory really too minor for performance?
(you can assume setting with e8400, 2gb ram, 8800gt)

hope anyone can tells or i don't mind to read a link of any report/article
thank you!!
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  1. really shouldn't be any performance difference between the 2 if they use the same mb chipset. main difference is size (and thus fewer pci expansion slots) and usually mAtx has fewer bios options which generally would only matter for overclocking.
  2. Generally with the same chipset the mATX will have slightly less performance capability due to the on board graphics chip being integrated into the system bus. Generally you wll get better performance from a full ATX MB with superior voltage regulation and no integrated graphics chip. Given the same chipset, the two will perform similiarly with same benchmarks. The difference is marginal really.
  3. AS MayDay mentioned, mATX MBs will have less BIOS options and less overclocking capability in most instances.
  4. thanks for the answers
    for some reason, i have to postpone my plan...
    but i will keep these in mind, thx
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