quick voltage question (hopefully)

basically, is the concern with regards to too much voltage directly based on running at too high a temperature when overclocking cpu's, or are there additional concerns with regards too voltage (i guess this would apply as well to memory voltage)?

if so any linked resources would be much appreciated, and sorry if there is a thread i didnt manage to find explicitly addressing this question.
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  1. within reasonable limits voltage regulation is primarily because of heat concerns. Max voltage is different for different processors (and sometimes diff. stepping in the same processor).
    The more you over volt something, the shorter its lifespan will be. For the most part, the decrease in lifespan is negligible, because you don't keep the cpu for that long.
    CPU's Memory, and Video Cards all have a certain voltage that you shouldn't go over for 24/7 overclocking. Depending on your cooling and the specif chip, its a different voltage
  2. thanks for the kind of oc'ing i want to do then i dont think it'll be an issue. i was more concerned that if i started with somewhat high voltages and worked my way down i'd be risking damage but it sounds like any 'damage' i do will be minimal so long as i dont sit back and watch my processor burn.
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